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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Cheat, fraudster and extremely rude are some of most appropriate words to explain what kind of a person Philip Kirk, the Dundalak, co Louth based property dealer is. The Irishman always tries to prove his versatile skills to his clients but if a person fails to be a good human being does it really matters whether he can dance or sing or have proven his amazing caliber as a successful hotelier? I truly wonder. My sister experienced a heavy loss of money because of this property scamster. If you’re wondering to deal with this guy, think twice as before taking you off to the site, he will charge you a sum of deposit which he’ll claim to refund or adjust during the property dealing. When you’ll pay him, he is not going to give you a receipt or an invoice against the money paid. But later on, he’ll never going to give it back. Why? Because this man is a FRAUD!!!

My sister and her husband are totally scammed by this fraudster and even after trying to contacting him repeatedly he only vomits verbal abusive language which is not at all tolerable for a soft natured woman like my sister.

Here’s the complaint in a gist—

By the beginning of this year, my sister wanted to buy a static home located in Derry. The advertisement from which my sister came to know about the house was posted on Done Deal by Mr. Philip Kirk. When she called him up, he said he is a Dundalak based property dealer and also owns Ramada Hotel. He is also a property developer wishing to build more houses by the hotel and sell them to people looking forward to buy new homes in this location. Moreover, he said he sings and has his own YouTube channel where he posts his singing videos regularly. My sister and her husband was impressed by his warm behavior and per decided, they met him one fine morning at a location close to Derry Airport. Philip Kirk escorted them to the site where they were introduced with his business partner called Mr. Noel McGee. They saw the static home and went back home by informing that she will let Philip Kirk know about her decision whether they have decided to buy the property or not.
Within this phase, my sister and her husband committed a terrible blunder. As asked by Philip Kirk, they offered him €3000 as a deposit. Philip Kirk promised to give them an invoice against the money but he actually didn’t send it.

After coming back home, my sister though she’s not interested in buying the static home so she called up Philip Kirk after three days and informed him that she and her husband have decided not to buy the property. She also requested him to give her money back as a refund as she didn’t initiate the purchase. But the scamster Philip Kirk didn’t give her money back. Whenever she calls her he behaves extremely rudely and becomes verbally abusive which sometimes become intolerable for any decent person to tolerate. After requesting this money monster several times, he said he don’t have the money now, after selling the static home, he will give the money back to my sister.

Later on, after much request my sister convinces him to pay the money after he sells the house. But when by sister called him up, he again spoke to her rudely and asked her not to disturb him as he was vacationing somewhere. If he doesn’t have the money to refund my sister, how could he is traveling for so many days! The question still remains.
It’s been 5 months since then that the Philip Kirk cheapster didn’t refund my sister and whenever she calls, he becomes a super arrogant and starts throwing banters and abusive slangs which God knows how a so called man can actually say to a woman.

This is the era when such incidents don’t allow us to trust each other anymore. People like Philip Kirk are a black spot on humanity. They are torturing creeps scribbling here and there across the world aiming to earn money by threatening people and cheating the honest people.
After a few hasty phone calls, my sister has recorded the next calls where Philip Kirk was very abusive and rude.

Right now my sister and her husband is economically broke as the person that showed them a dream of having a house has absconded and god knows whether he’ll ever pay back the refund money or not.
My sister is now planning to take a legal help. But the only constraint is that she didn’t receive an invoice against which the money was paid. She has shown her share of dumbness by blindly trusting Philip Kirk. But you must learn from this event that never trusts anyone when it comes to monetary dealings. Never agree to pay anyone without a bill or invoice.
Philip Kirk has a history of cheating many clients like my sister. There are several complaint against Philip Kirk for cheating, threatening and looting money from many good people. He should be caught behind the bars and someone should come up with a lawsuit against this treachery expert.
If you’re seeking a property in Ireland especially in Dundalak in Louth area you’ll come across with the name Philip Kirk- as he’s a so called popular property developer and dealer of this area. But if you don’t want to face any of the described issues that my sister faced, then stay miles away from that Philip Kirk.

He is a man without any business ethics. A person with no respect for any human being and I think he finds pleasure in abusing women that’s why whenever my sister calls him for refund he becomes so aggressive and start abusing her verbally. What does he thinks of himself! The only property develop of Ireland? Really! Beware of Philip Kirk!!!

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