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Published: 15 January 2018

Posted by: 440magzz

“the worst place ever to try and buy something! Here’s the actual bbb history for my on – going ordeal:me: i have already tried to resolve this issue with teressa, the pictures on gold sales rep / employee. She was continuouly rude to me and in a hurry to get off of the phone with me. I asked several times that she connect me with a manager or someone higher. The first time she just put me on hold, then came back pretending to be someone else. I recognized her voice and i said “this is the same person”, she said “yes it is”. She just refused to let me talk to anyone else. The other times that i called, i was told that no information could be given because ‘they’ were only there to take orders and had no information at all that they could give me. I was extremely clear that this was a christmas gift for my daughter. The worst part is, i never received the replacement for the mistake that was made on original order. The original order number is 426589 which was placed on 12 / 10 / 2014. I would like a full refund not a replacement, as we already tried this. Sincerely, cindy a. Rackleythem: no problem at all. Teresa is no longer with us. Please fill out the repair form at www. / returnsme: i copy / pasted the link, there is no form because it shows a return initiated on 12 / 15 / 14 still. The order number for the refund is 429786. I don’t know who i am writing to at pictures on gold because you never put your name here, but if it’s true that this teresa person is no longer there, that’s a great start. I’ve never dealt with someone so rude in my life. As soon as i see the refund in my account i will accept that this is resolved. Thank you, cindy a. Rackleyme: no i have not received the refund, and have yet to hear back fromthem here on the bbb. I don’t know what the problem is, but i’m notgoing to stop trying to get my money back. I feel pictures on gold is now just ignoring me. Them: do you have a tracking number on the shipment as i don’t show it as coming back. Me: i’m really getting tired of the run – around with you people (You never leave your name, ever) . No there is no tracking number, nor did i get one with my order. This isn’t hard, i did not receive order correct the first time and was sent back in same package via 1st class regular mail, then when it was supposed to be re – made and re – sent, it wasn’t. I have nothing, pay refund!!! I’m sick of you just trying to keep me hanging, but i won’t go away until i’m refunded, so get used to seeing my name. Like i said, it’s not hard, a child could figure out how to refund someone. Them: i can assure you we’re not ignoring you. Can you please give me your order number or call into me directly at [protected] ext 201. Me: i have given you the order # several times already. It is 426589 dated 12 / 10 / 2014. Please refund me, that’s all i ask. Please. I shouldn’t have to go through all of this, no one should. Them: i will definitely do that. Can you send it back to me please to my attention:picturesongold.com1140 s. Railroad ave. Staten island, ny 10306me: to whom i’m speaking with again:i already sent it back, that was the problem, remember? I sent it back in the same envelope it came in. So therefore, i can’t send it back again. You have given me the run – around for nearly 2 months now. I guess i’ll just have to get my attorney. It may not be much money, but it’s the principle of the matter now. All i asked was for my entitled refund. A “good” business would have already fixed this problem, which clearly you are not one of those businesses. Cindythem: its no problem, let me get the tracking number on it and i’ll track it down and get the the refund right away. Me: i’ll be waiting, thank you. But like i said in a previous message, i sent it back in the same package. I also stated that the original order did not have a tracking number, nor did one come with my order. So, the original was sent back, replacement never came, to make it a short story here. Thanks, cindythem: please call me at [protected] to go over this and get it rectified today. Me: i would call, but you refuse to give me your name and every other time i’ve called, i’ve gotten the run – around. To rectify this is for “you” to refund me immediately. Once again, the order number is 426589 and was placed on 12 / 10 / 2014. Cindythem: my name is daniel. I’m here 7 days a week. My extension is 201. Me: i called and spoke with daniel, still not rectified. He says he’s making a ups claim, but i still feel like i’m getting the run – around. Daniel was in a hurry to get me off of the phone, just like teresa (Former employee) did, which is very rude and unprofessional. I am not happy with the way i am being treated nor with this business. If this refund is not applied to my credit card within the next 7 days, paperwork will be filed with my attorney. As of 2 / 17 / 2015 – still not resolved. “

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