Pine Grove Family Dentistry

Bad patient care services and poor management does not allow me to recommend the practice.

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Published: 05 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The staff at Pine Grove Family Dentistry are unfriendly and have no care toward dental patients. I was disappointed to feel unwelcomed and felt a lack of care from the dentistry. They have no idea of the customer’s service and of how to show a smile at patients. I wasn’t happy with the experiences at Pine Grove Family Dentistry. In my experience, I didn’t feel cared for in the dental room. The staff wasn’t helpful and informative of dental care and of the procedures at the dentistry. The dental care services are unprofessional. Dental care procedures are painful and unpleasant. At Pine Grove Family Dentistry, I had the worst service and have no intentions of going back there! I didn’t feel the warmth and kindness from dental staff. Dental treatments weren’t the best of treatment of what I had at the dentistry. Equipment such as utensils and x-ray machines need updating at the practice. The dentist doesn’t go the extra mile to make the stay of the patient comfortable and painless. They don’t accommodate for patient’s dental care. A lack of quality in dental treatment and of other dental procedures. I don’t see qualified staff to assist the dentist at the practice. Staff members neglect to care for patients in the reception area. I am not satisfied with the treatment at Pine Grove Family Dentistry. I had an appointment and had waited for an hour to be called in for treatment. No plan or organization for patients at Pine Grove Family Dentistry. I didn’t feel calm and relaxed in the dental room. The Insurance company I have don’t cover all the expenses and that is an issue for me. This is a problem with the high rates and when insurance companies fail to cover the costs it becomes an extra charge for patients. I paid the extra cost but won’t go back to go through the hassle. I chose to change my dentist and to quit going to Pine Grove Family Dentistry. It is of no sense to me to visit a practice with poor customer’s service and a lack of professionalism. At the practice, I felt unwelcome. The staff members don’t share conversations with patients. Their response was terrible!

I believe a qualified dentist don’t treat patients with disrespect and lack of care. At Pine Grove Family Dentistry, I had no one to care for my need and don’t want to go back there to have that same experience. An uncomfortable and unfriendly welcome from the staff at the practice and a lack of communication and pleasantness was my bad experience. I don’t recommend the practice for the low quality of dental treatment. My tooth was extracted and at Pine Grove Family Dentistry, they failed to stop the bleeding of the gums and cause a lot of pain to the gum area. I don’t want any other persons to experience the bad I have at Pine Grove Family Dentistry. The lack of everything good at the practice shows me no potential at Pine Grove Family Dentistry.

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