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Published: 20 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

To whom it may concern, Before you choose a Paving Company to install a new driveway or parking lot, please take the time to read and consider my experience with the Pinnacle Paving and Sealing Company! First, I would like to mention that while trying to get a driveway replaced, one of the biggest problems I ran into was getting the local paving companys in the Cincinnati area to show up and provide an estimate. I took my time and after about a year, I had contacted some dozen or so companies asking for estimates and contract proposals. Many wouldnt even return calls or show up at scheduled times to provide an estimate. Several companies provided estimates without even looking at the job. I finally got ahold of Mr. Gephart at Pinnacle Paving and Sealing. He came out, took measurements, and provided a detailed contract. I looked over the contract and went so far as to pay for the extra for three inches of asphalt option. The total cost for my new driveway was $5,910 dollars! When I came home to look over the new driveway, I discovered that Pinnacle Paving and Sealing had left my garage door open and everything inside, my two motorcycles, reloading equipment, tools and Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower, everything, was covered with concrete dust. They needed access to an electrical outlet for one of their tools and left me with a huge mess to clean up. I went outside and discovered that Pinnacle Paving and Sealing had struck my home with their equipment damaging the Time Warner Cable cover box. I found cracks in my new driveway. I noticed that there were areas of my new driveway with less than an inch of asphalt. I even found the hand written directions on Pinnacle Paving & Sealing letter head that stated to provide me with 2 to 3 of asphalt. Please keep in mind that I paid for three inches of asphalt and I still have the note they left behind with instructions to provide less and the crew didn’t even follow the note! Mr. Gephart came out the next day and after seeing the note his company had left assured me that I got what I paid for while admitting that the areas I was pointing out was not 3 of asphalt. He then told me that my driveway could only handle a vehicle pulling in or out about 5 times a day that it was not designed for high traffic! I realized that I had been ripped off. The next day, Mr. Gephart had some people come out and make very minor repairs that really detracted from the driveways appearance. Within four months, I had cracks appearing in my driveway. Calls and messages to Pinnacle Paving and Sealing went unanswered. Within a year, the cracks on my driveway were longer than my 30 measuring tape. Again, calls and messages went unanswered! Thirteen months after my driveway was installed, I got a hold of Mr. Gephart who told me that he would check it out and get back to me. He never did! I paid a premium price and was given a fourth rate driveway. I dont know what they used, it is very course and I have the impression that it was leftovers from another job. I would describe it as bottom of the barrel trash. All I know now is that I will have to spend several hundred dollars repairing a poor quality driveway that was installed by Mr. Zahumenskys company Pinnacle Paving and Sealing. That there is no doubt that these cracks will continue to develop and the driveway will need to be replaced in less than ten years! What shocks me is that my driveway is less than fourteen months old and my thirty foot measuring tape isn’t even long enough to measure the cracks in my driveway. Had Pinnacle Paving and Sealing taken the time to prep the clay soil properly by compacting it and laying down the 2″ and 6″” of limestone and three inches of compacted asphalt as specified in the contract

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