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Published: 25 July 2019

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PLS Associates is managed by Ahmad Zubair Amozgar (not a US citizen). BG and M Associates, which is run by Barbara O’Neill, is only one office of a larger organization and it is directly connected to another collection agency in Temecula, which goes by the name of Smythe, Stone and Crum aka PLS Associates, which is run by a questionable character be the name of Ahmad Zubair Amozgar (he just got “promoted to his own office a year ago). Most recently, another office, also connected, called Clark and Associates, opened just down the road in Murrieta, California, and is managed by James Robert Cork. Paperwork and training manuals for all three offices have been obtained and all cross-reference in many instances. Further, the name of an attorney that these offices have been using, at least for letterhead purposes, have turned up at all offices. I spoke with this attorney today and he confirmed that he “represents” all three offices but claims he did not know the extent of the illegality involved. While I do not believe this attorney’s claim of ignorance, out of courtesy I have agreed to withhold his name, at least until such time as my investigation is complete. I will say that the contact person for his law offices, per the documents produced from the various aforesaid collection agencies, all list a John Alarcon as the contact person. My research indicates that John Alarcon was involved in at least two lawsuits wherein he was sued, along with an attorney, for among other things, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, conversion, etc. some of the allegations where that Mr. Alarcon falsely represented himself as an attorney, and was actually a signatory to attorney-client fee agreements. Mr. Alarcon was served these lawsuits in June of 2011 at 495 East Rincon Ave., 175, Corona, CA…..does this address sound familiar to anybody!!! Alarcon’s co-defendant, attorney, Raymond Carl Prospero, was disbarred in 2012. Now Alarcon is the contact person for aforesaid collection agencies. Alarcon now runs a business called “Community Law Center” in Corona, CA. The lawsuits filed against him are in Riverside county, case no.’s RIC 1108501 and RIC 1107045. He is also prominently mentioned in the disbarment paperwork of Raymond Prospero in 2012. Two federal lawsuits have also be filed against Bernardo J. Gomez dba LV and V Associates for violations of the FDCPA(Bernardo Gomez is alleged president of BG and M Associates, but it truth he is either a flunky or doesn’t exist, as he is not on their employee list) Ahmad Amozgar also has two federal lawsuit filed against him for violations of the FDCPA, one for NLS Associates and one for Direct Resource Capital dba DRCC. What is clear from all the foregoing is that this is a huge operation, well worth the FTC’s time. Further, because of the efforts to de-centralize the offices, and to have each manager get their own “crews”. along with other evidence we have obtained out of Corona, it is clear that the real owners have had experience with FTC investigative techniques and procedures. Is this a “one or twice removed” Jason Begley operation? Give me a week and I will let you know, we are still tracking bank accounts. Employees for Smythe, Stone and Crum aka PLS Associates, 1 Ridgegate dr., Ste. 115, Temecula, CA; Ahmad Amozgar (manager) Mercedes Burns (girlfriend of manager) Omar Hassan Neomi Mezzuca …actually, the rest will have to wait, by my estimates there are 18 more. Interesting bit of info….if you run money through someone else’s account (MSB) to hide said money, that would make one party guilty of tax evasion and one party guilty of money laundering .

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