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Published: 18 June 2019

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Completely bogus and a hoax. The person who has filed it has been harassing Mr Fraize, myself as well as the rest of the Church Of Leviathan for almost a year now, filing report after fraudulent report in the hopes that the constant lies and slander would either 1) compel us to close down or 2) convince other people that we are how the reports describe us. This could not be further from the truth. The Church of Leviathan is a legally recognized Church whose ONLY mission is to unite people under a common path and to give others who may not have one, a place to go to where they can talk to like minded folks about the religion they adhere to. I am fed up with the constant lies and would like for these viscous, slanderous reports to cease being filed. However, due to the maturity (or lack thereof as it were) of the person responsible for filing them, I highly doubt this will happen. These reports will continue being filed, and they may have at it because those who desire truth will ALWAYS seek it out and those who don’t will not. The part of this particular report that ENRAGES me is this lovely little section here: “He said that he agreed with the guy who killed his mother and shot those kids in Connecticut. How sick is that. He even believes his own son should die because he has mental illness. I found a grisly photo on his website which I will share. I am concerned for their child’s welfare and the wellfare of the people in his community. ” First of all we have ALL gone off about how disgusting what happened in Newtown, CT was, how the person responsible is a COWARD for taking his own life rather than own up to what he did. Secondly Mr Fraize’s son is autistic, and DEEPLY LOVED by BOTH of his parents. The person who wrote this report also called DSS on them and guess what? DSS found NO CAUSE for an investigation, let alone an ERO (emergency removal order) for the child! Guess what that means? It means that not only is the allegation an all out LIE, but it is also defamatory! If this person is really so concerned about the welfare of the child then WHY are they writing on a website about them? Why do they not contact the police and have them go to the residence? The answer is simple, there is NOTHING to report nor reason to visit, especially since DSS itself has dismissed the allegations! The fact of the matter is the only person who is “mentally ill” and “disturbed” is the individual who continues to file these false reports in the vain attempt at slandering our good names because we would not put up with their aggression and lies elsewhere! This person is also responsible for putting up a hateful .net website featuring a PHOTO of the child in question, as well as the street addresses of the entire Church clergy, ALL of which had wallpaper backgrounds that said KILL YOURSELF! How sick is THAT? To first use a CHILD in such a reprehensible manner THEN turn around and claim that his own FATHER says he wished him DEAD? That’s what you call hypocrisy at best and the mind of a truly TWISTED individual at worst! Anyone who saw the videos of the child in question would see that he is a healthy, vibrant, VERY social little boy who loves his parents, this not the behavior of a child from an abusive home! ANY and ALL reports regarding Mr Fraize, the Church Of Leviathan, and its clergy should be dismissed for what they are; slanderous hate speech and lies made up by an individual with too much time on their hands! Thank You. .

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