Pot Of Gold Estate Liquidations, LLC & Auctions

Pot Of Gold Estate Liquidations, LLC & Auctions Review

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Published: 09 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Do not bid on this site for their internet auctions. No matter what you bid you will always end up paying very close to your top bid. From experience I can tell you that they put fake bidders that know what your highest bid is and will keep bidding until you are almost at your max. When you get your invoice you are surprised to see that you won but strangely you end up always paying close to your max bid. They do this to maximize their commision. This is NOT how a real auction company is suppose to work. Your internet bids are to remain secret until a real bidder comes along. I had one product that not a single person bid on yet I paid $50 less then my maximum bid. They do this not only online but at their live auctions. They basically put fake bidders in the crowd that know your maximum bid and will use it to bid up the price until almost at your top bid. The fake bidder then stops bidding and then the real person who is suppose to represent you bids and you win at the top of your price. These people need to be shut down for fraud and a class action lawsuit should be started. Once you audit all their winnings you will see the scam as clear as day. Anyone that wants to launch a class action suit please contact me. Total scam! Stay away at all costs!!! .

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