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Published: 17 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Afternoon. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chanel Guerrero. I am reaching out to you , in order, to have my story heard . In a brief , detailed manner, was performing my duties as an ,”Event Promoter/ Brand Ambassador,” at Central Market in Southlake, TX, on Aug. 30, 2014, at , approximately, 4:30 pm, when I was asked to leave. Disclosing my case in a much detailed manner, On Aug. 30th, 2014 , someone from the store, contacted my agency, informing of a customer complaining of my looks, in the facial region , being of an issue. The customer, continued, apparently, to verbalize the dislike of my eyes to an employee of this store. Therefore, I received a text message , while performing my entertaining live show as a promoter to hand out samples of the beer being promoted, to leave store, if I can not remove my contacts. I need my prescription lenses to see and so I had no choice but to leave the store as my boss, Erica Diamond , from Pourtastic Tastings requested. I’ll detail out all the documented facts, in this email, to specify the occurrence. On many past occasions, I’d performed ,as an event promoter/brand ambassador, to promote various beers and wines that Pourtastic Tastings had booked me to implement, for this particular location. I am known for my great engaging tactics and performances in which my track record in sales had been noted. Therefore, while I was in the middle of my demonstration as handing out samples of a beer , I was to promote, to any adult ( over the age of 21 ), asking for a sample , my boss, Erica Diamond, sends me a text message, knowing I am not to pick up calls during a live show. Therefore, having noticed the flashing light on my cell phone , as it was on vibrate, I ignored the text but noticed it was from my agency . More so, after having been in the store for about an hour, I asked that the department employee, who knew me , very, well…to watch over my set -up table as I needed to use the facilities, in the five minute break that I took. I , immediately, read my text message, which stated, by my boss, Erica Diamond, from “Pourtastic Tastings, ” to either remove my contacts or leave store due to a customer’s complaint. Hence, without the use of my contact lenses or the lack of glasses , I had not choice but to oblige to my boss’s request and returned to end my , already , live show in process .I could not understand why such a claim was made nor why I wasn’t approached by anyone before or now in having worn prescription contacts that enhance my eyes. No one from any of the management team approached me today or ever about such a silly notion of false complaint . I was accused, basically, of wearing contacts that were a disturbing concern to someone in the store ( a customer ) . Keeping that in mind, prior to leaving the store, I did address my employer. I texted back Erica Diamond and informed her that I’m not clear on the notion of a complaint nor is there any proof or claim made , in any manner, to me , by anyone in store. I obliged by leaving the store, after notifying the department manager of beer and wine, as they assured me the case was unfounded and that as a result I was to receive full pay of the three hour demo I was to implement. Therefore, I obtained my signature as proof that I was to receive full pay and left store -but not without having, first, paid for the products used in my demo and apologizing to crowd – that were standing around my demo table in anticipation of receiving a sample and engaging in its product demo information. The wine and beer manager , apologized for witnessing my departure as asked my agency and commented on his confusion. I shared that my eyes were appalling , apparently, to a customer and since I have to wear corrective lenses to see , I somehow, offended someone. My corrective lenses are prescription in grade and are a must. I do not own a pair of glasses since what I do as a promoter is based on look appeal and competence of promoting a brand with a certain mannerism. In conclusion, I did as I was asked but having done so, I contacted the store manager, T.J. upon a phone call, when I had , already , left the store. Mr. T.J. shared with me his concern of the mishap not being a fault of his own nor of his knowledge. He concluded he would order an investigation as it was a discriminatory act that was taken on me and lacked the incident to be one he was included in. He apologized, assured me he would check into that matter as no one was to ask of me to end my demo – since, he was the store manager. Mr. T.J. did , however, say, Rick Hopkins, an employee who is not the manager, must have reported me in to my company ( Pourtastic Tasting- a new company I’ve been with for only 4 months ); but, Mr. T.J. was not clear on why I was reported- in the first place – since no one in the past had made any note about my prescription lenses and that I had been in his store on numerous times. I thanked him , gave him my name , spelled it out for him and ended the conversation. I am at a loss on why this occurred and why the co – owner of my agency, Pourtastic Tastings, wrote me in that first text – that I received- accusing me of not following guidelines of the dress -in which Central Market in Southlake, TX claimed to my agency – for my contacts being the cause of this impoverished act that cost me loss funds , embarrassment and distress. I have shared my news with friends of which some are with the legal system and since have been confirmed that my incident is one of discrimination . For not being approached by the any manager based on a , supposed, individual who approached at central market team member , whose identity is not clear, is one that is warranted in an investigation and an explanation that must be prevailed in order to clarify and cease this humiliating occurrence to take place again . I ask of Fox News to please contact me at 214-675-0307 or via email to : (email address removed by Defaulters.com admin) so to , please, assist me in sharing my ordeal , in order to prevent my incident to occur to anyone else and to gain an explanation of a claim that was without cause or proof. I have attached a photo of myself, in the event , that I took a photo of – since , as a brand ambassador/event promoter, four pictures are to be submitted for proof of having performed a demo at the location , sampling demonstration was to occur. Please review my photo and assess for yourself if my appeal is one of an appalling stature. I have yet to receive a name or a detailed message, of any kind, from the agency that texted me , informing me of what , exactly, occurred or who placed the call to my employer. In fact, Pourtastic Tasting, co-owner, Erica Diamond , has sadly ceased all communication upon that day – Aug. 30, 2014 , right after I inquired about who called the company for a complaint that wasn’t true. I submitted my reports, photos and all proof of having implemented the demo as just but no contact by co-owner , Erica Diamond, has been noted and now I ponder if she will cease my payments – as a result of unprofessional and unethical act that she might violate and cause unnecessary grief to be accrued on my behalf. One of the agency’s employees, Sarah, did email me stating to correct the comment portion of my report , without clarifying what I am to do, however, in going back to my account of the website’s app that my account holds all previous and future booked events, I noticed that I was blocked from gaining access to my own account . Therefore, upon emailing back , Sarah, who asked that I correct the comment portion of my report, informed her , with providing a photo of the account being blocked, I am not able to view my comment section – as she asked and needed to gain access to my own account so to oblige and modify what she asked of me to remedy. Again, no further contact , by anyone, of Pourtastic Tastings has been made nor acknowledged in evidence of any response to my asking of my deletion of agency’s setting up an account with all my personal information , reports and photos. So, not only am I shunned , I’m out of my account and am no longer able to work for Pourtastic Tastings due to a customer reporting me for being a hideous vision, to someone at Central Market in Southlake, TX location and having me removed from store in which I’ve lost funds and the future employment of a company who , upon numerous, text messages and calls, appraised me for my incredible performance and as a person of altruistic entity. With all due respect and as a fan of Fox News, I thank – you in advance and pray that you will look into my case.

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