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Totally terrible!

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Published: 18 July 2019

Posted by: Quincy

My Cousin and her friend have been going to another dentist I guess twice a year for over 4 years, during Dr. Chris’s error when he was the dentist. His services never satisfied them at all. When they later heard about Power Road Dental Care from one of their friend who had highly recommended this place to them, they decided to give it a shot and moved from Mesa to Power Road Dental Care a few years ago. Unfortunately, they were not pleased with the staff members and their services at large. They actually found it necessary to call them before they went there to ask for an appointment with the doctor. It was a month after they heard about them and their services. Fortunately, after they called them, their appointment was scheduled to be at exactly 0900 hours in the morning. They had to drive to the place, it was located a bit far from their area of residence, it was approximately a 2 hours’ drive, so they left home early enough but unfortunately they experienced a traffic jam on their way there that had been caused by two cars which had a head crush on the same highway they were using. My cousin asked her friend to call and notify them at around 0800 hours to let them know they were almost there but they may be a few minutes late due to the traffic jam that they had experienced. Actually, it was very unfortunate because it was a really big mistake made by them. About their delay, they sincerely could not do anything, They wanted to avoid the delay but they reached the place late with around 14 minutes past the appointment time that was scheduled to be exactly 0900 hours.

The staff whom they found at the front desk was very nice but her supervisor was somehow rude and careless hence wanted them to reschedule the appointment. Actually, they were not that late, more so they had called them before and notified them of the incident that caused them to be late and they were almost there although they never made it on the scheduled time. They really pleaded with the lady at the front desk but there was absolutely nothing she could do to help them and get assisted. Her supervisor did not allow it at all. While her friend was on the phone notifying them of the incident they were 14 minutes away from where the clinic is located. They asked for permission to be allowed at least have a talk with the supervisor regarding the same but they were never granted the permission instead the supervisor insisted they should reschedule the appointment.

They were actually disappointed and they had never experienced this the entire time they had been going to other dentists they have been to. Surely, what a business refuses a paying customer in need of their services for being 14 minutes late? They never really understood if they try to piss people off or whatever exactly they meant. This was absolutely ridiculous and I highly don’t recommend them. At least I have shed some light about them for you and their services, kindly be warned of them.

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