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They treat you like a ghost

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Published: 25 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

You might think that all car dealerships provide great customer service but that’s not the case here. This place will ruin your mood and day. You ill hate every second you spent there.

I stood an hour in the waiting room and nobody noticed me there. The staff members had a bad attitude and that didn’t make me feel good standing there alone.

The rude and disrespectful personnel gave me no time of theirs and didn’t positively treat my short stay.

I asked about the documentation required for car purchase and they got busy with other customers and chatted on the telephone and ignored my requests. My presence at the office didn’t mean much to the company staff. I didn’t know who to turn to next and I felt annoyed with staff ignoring my requests.

There I was, without information and no friendly person to assist me in the documentation of the purchase of a car. It felt hard to find someone in charge to help me with my needs at Powertrain Products Inc.

Company staff doesn’t take responsibility for their job titles and neglect customer services. This is unacceptable at professional companies. I don’t see professionalism at Powertrain Products Inc.

There’re no trained skills, communication, or customer relations skills at this company. I had no idea of the issues I would experience at this dealership. Mechanics aren’t qualified and perform fixes on engines with the least they know of the problem. I don’t trust a company of untrained employees.

The focus here is on money from customers and to give customers the worst services. I discovered the charges are high and the company staff overcharges certain customers. This isn’t fair to customers and to their purchase price.

You won’t get discounts and the business in a rundown shack and going downhill from the terrible services I had, and the high rates to pay for purchases in this car dealership.

They aren’t a reliable team to order car parts and take care of customers’ services. I see no good from this company and felt dissatisfied with documentation of car deals at this dealership. It makes no sense for me to continue my services with an unprofessional team and for overpriced purchase of cars and parts needed to customers. I realized the poor quality of car parts and of vehicles didn’t suit my needs at Powertrain Products Inc.

I don’t believe in companies of no trust, communications skills, no assistance to customers and no friendly staff to help with information of documentation.

Powertrain Products Inc don’t deserve my positive review and won’t recommend this company for the worst customer’s service and untrained employees, the unskilled staff at the reception and for ignoring me at the front desk. You won’t get the excellent customer’s service they claim to provide from this dealership. I don’t advise you to go to this workshop. Nothing is good enough for customers at the workshop and you won’t get attended to immediately!

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