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Both of my dental procedures lacked quality!

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Published: 29 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

At Precision Orthodontics, I had a tooth replaced and was not pleased to have gone through the pain and discomfort. I expected better in this modern-day,

The procedure didn’t go as planned. I had pain and swollen gums and a headache. At night had a fever.

A disappointment for what supposed to be professional teamwork.

At Precision Orthodontics, they are not patient and with treatments.

The dentistry provides poor quality dental procedures. I had no best treatment and what I had been not appropriate. There is no dental care that is approached with an assistant at Precision Orthodontics.

I did not get what is advertised from Precision Orthodontics and it’s extremely expensive and I do not recommend Precision Orthodontics for the poorly replaced tooth and treatment I had there.

The professional dentist doesn’t cause pain and neglect to a tooth replacement and a routine check. I did not find the practice clean and neat for patients. The lack of paper roll and soap for washing hands is what I noticed at Precision Orthodontics. That to me is a lack of professionalism. Patient care is not a priority at Precision Orthodontics.

The employees are not trained for dental procedures though take part in small procedures. A lack of safety measures and do not focus on patient care.

It doesn’t matter what age you are a smile is always a warm welcome for a patient. I had not got that from Precision Orthodontics. My first impression when I entered the practice was the unfriendly and not knowledgeable staff. It wasn’t a good experience.

Precision Orthodontics are not qualified for their field and don’t have patient care.

No smiles for me from the discolored filling and I regret going there.

Dental help from amateurs is not trustworthy. The team does not work together, and choices are small for dental procedures. I wish I had not gone to Precision Orthodontics for my dental treatment.

A tooth replacement and a filling and I had bad experiences with both dental treatments.

I would not go to this practice for another treatment. They have ruined dental care for me. I am traumatized to go for normal routine checks from these bad experiences I had with Precision Orthodontics.

There is no perfection in dentistry at the practice. The consultations are not for free just be prepared for high prices.

I will not recommend Precision Orthodontics for the poor-quality staff they have, the unpleasantness toward patients, for the lack of communication skills and the worst dental treatments.

The practice is non-specialized to perform many procedures. Dental and oral hygiene is not spoken of to patients.

No calm and relaxed feeling from dental treatments. I was not comfortable with the procedures and for that reason and more I would not recommend Precision Orthodontics to any other persons.

They have done nothing perfect on my dental care and wouldn’t wish for that to happen to another victim. Research before visits at any practice for dental care, or procedures

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