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Published: 12 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

As a first time homebuyer this has been the most stressful and horrific experience. Prestige Waterfront Realty agents have no integrity and are unethical. Due diligence should have been extended and wasn’t, so I am being intimidated into closing although my needs have not been met. There was nothing in the contract about the property having little to no serviceability for high-speed internet (will be interruptive for online school and work), the HVAC is ready to hit the sack as it is at the end of its life cycle, and potential roof damage is being neglected.

Much of these issues could have been resolved at an earlier stage if more/all legal information was communicated to the first-time homebuyer. Stay AWAY from Prestige Waterfront Realty and Alex Tegov is a LIAR.
They threatened to sue me for commission for both buyer and seller as well as whatever fees they can come up with, so the realtors will get paid double/triple the amount for a sell on the same home. They don’t deserve to be in the realty business; they are crooks.

Mr. Alex Tegov : I am a real person . I reside in Sunny Isles, Florida. I am from Fresno California and YES, my name is Hrant Bagbudarian. And YES, I own properties in California and North Carolina.
And NO SIR, This account was not created to give you a bad review. I am a real person ; born in Fresno, California and resident of Florida since 2002.
1- You failed to inform me about the Internet connection problem the property has. Therefore, until today, I do not have Internet service because you NEGLECTED the Internet problem the property has.
2- We informed you about extending the Due Diligence and you verbally agreed (and we took your word for it.) ( we trusted you and you neglected it so you can get your commissions)
3- The HVAC was old and you could have said something. Or help us in any way. ( Again, fooled by you)
4- The contract contained an Amendment where the buyer will pay both commissions.
Mr. Alex Tegov : Your level of impudence , disrespect, vulgarity and aggressiveness reaches the skies. In my late father words “inappropriate behavior must only be corrected with appropriate behavior”;
Therefore, I am going to take time to expose you and lies; lack of professionalism and crookedness. This includes a report to the BBB , National Association of Realtors , Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and other agencies that regulate your profession.
Also, I will find out who your clients were or are and inform them of your illegal practices.
Your website is full of lies and ways to lure ignorant clientele or simply the type of clientele who have a poor command of the English language. The English –Armenian translator in your website is not accurate at all. It is only designed to cheat ( in this case) Armenian foreigners who are not fluent in English. Unfortunately, ( for you..).I am fluent in both languages.
You try to come across as someone honest and professional. You are a good actor who puts up a false facade. I will make sure you don’t continue to scam and take advantage of people.
Reply to Mr. Alex Tegov:
You are definitely a liar and deceiver. You say ” slander” to protect yourself after you got found out. I have exposed you in the Armenian Community through our Church so people wont ever contact you and I will continue to do so. This back and forth is ridiculous and from now on I will let my attorney handle this. I have attached a picture of the old Air Conditioner unit you were suppose to replace. Hrant
As of January 1, 2019
The people writing reviews are people who work there. They are fake reviews and Mr. Alex Tegov ( a native of Bulgaria) is a crooked realtor DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY

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