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Published: 24 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Prince Frederick Ford should get rid of their so-called General Manager, Robert Badman, or close their doors! I purchased a brand new 2012 Ford Fusion from this dealership and it will definitely be the last car I purchase from them! I make it a point to tell everyone I know about their underhanded practices and lack of customer service. My car had approximately 33,000 miles on it. I had done all the scheduled maintenance on the vehicle when I started to hear a knock in the engine. It sounded as if something was rattling under the hood. I am not a mechanic, but I knew that my new car was not supposed to sound like that. I took the car into Prince Frederick Ford and the mechanic told me, he didn’t hear any sounds in the car. He then went on to tell me that my car was low in oil. I said, how could that be when I had just checked the oil two days before, had 3 other people check the oil, independent of each other, and they all said that the oil level was where it was supposed to be. I asked if there was a leak in the car? The mechanic said, oh no, we checked that and there was no leaks. He told me that no damage had been done to the engine and that after he put some oil in the car I would be good to go. I was having a hard time believing that and while I was still there at the dealership, I called two of the people who had checked the oil previously. They both said the same thing. That’s impossible, if there is no leaks, there is no way that that car was low in oil. One asked me to go and have the mechanic show me that the car was low at which time the mechanic came back out while I was on the phone and he looked very nervous. He told me the car was good to go and that everything was fine. They gave me a ticket, which said the customer complains of a knocking in the engine and a rattling in the car. The mechanic added oil and advised that if the sound comes back to return to the dealership. Needless to say, the sound came back. Because I live only a mile away, it didn’t come back when I drove the car home, but the next day the sound was back. I contacted the dealership again and brought the car back in within a week. The mechanic comes out and says in a very low voice (because the waiting area was full), that I needed a new engine. He couldn’t even maintain eye contact with me. He went on to say that because I drove the car low on oil that it would not be covered under my warranty. I was furious, as can be expected, and I asked him how suddenly they were able to see this damage to the vehicle and they weren’t able to see it the week before. He said, well when we discovered that the oil was low, we didn’t check anything else. But a week ago, the car was making the same noise that it was making now and you didn’t hear anything in the car. It sounds to me that you needed time to figure out how this was not going to be covered under the warranty. I contacted the General Manager immediately. Good Ole Robert Badman (how appropriately named!), told me you should have had your oil changed here, it only costs $20 dollars (obviously doesn’t take his car there for servicing). I’ll have to contact the manufacturer to see what can be done. I’ll call you back in 24 hours!! I’m not exactly sure which calendar he was looking at, becasue to date, I have yet to get a call back from the GM Badman. I went to another dealership (unfortunately under the same ownership) and they were able to tell me that the 2 rod was bad and that this vehicle was not safe to drive. They cautioned me to not even move it from their lot because it was so dangerous. Mind you, when I went into PF Ford, I had my 18 month old grandson with me! They didn’t even care enough to warn that the vehicle was unsafe! I went through my warranty book with a fine tooth comb and I contacted the manufacturer. The warranty guide said to take the car to another dealership! Sheehy Ford to the rescue!!! They took my car in, told me that the engine was bad and this would be covered under my warranty! I now have my car back with a brand new engine and a brand new mechanic. I would never take my car back to Prince Frederick Ford, nor would I ever buy a car from them again. In fact, if I ever buy another Ford, I’m going to ask who the General Manager of the dealership is and find out what kind of customer service representation he has. I truly hope that others will check out the rip-off report before they take the same stroll down nightmare lane. I will certainly do my part in cautioning every family member and friend that I have to stay as far away from this dealership as possible. What goes around comes around Prince Frederick Ford. Your crooked attempts to salvage your business will only speed up your final demise. Repeat customers are what makes a company successful! I can tell you right now this customer will not be repeating this same mistake! There are too many dealerships who like standing by their products.

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