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Profit Management Solutions and Anthony Cavaluzzi Thieves

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Published: 27 July 2021

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Anthony Cavaluzzi and his bother Nathan Cavaluzzi opened a company by the name of Profit Management Solutions ( for the express purpose of ripping people off. Profit Management Solutions has scams going in several states including Illinois, Maryland, Texas, Florida, and Missouri. City of Kansas City MO v Profit Management Solutions, Strogan v Cavaluzzi -Worcester District Court MD, State of TX v Cavaluzzi and liens from the State of New York, several credit unions, and several hundred thousand dollars owed to the IRS.

Nathan and Anthony Cavaluzzi acting under the name Profit Management Solutions have actually premeditated the entire process of theft. They use high pressure sales tactics to come to your business and act as a “management consultant” to help with all kinds of matters. My company was pitched on a complete top to bottom assessment, tax consulting, and ending with assisting with preparing for an acquisition. It all seemed very logical and planned out meticulously. Profit Management Solutions had an immaculate and very convincing custom sales presentation.

Once Profit Management Solutions started the job is when everything went downhill. They literally missed the deadlines that they gave me for their own work. They charged my business for crazy meals in addition to their very high priced services. In many instances they had two people working on a simple task just to double charge. Their initial claim was that their fees would be a small fraction of what they saved me and made me. They ended up costing me over $300k and my company ended up with a bunch of prewritten boiler plate documents on processes. They even talked me into getting a loan which I now have to deal with as well. My business is actually in a far (very far) worse place since Profit Management Solutions came around.

Needless to say I have nothing good to say about these thieves sending around fake “management consultants” that are simply well trained salespeople that have never run a business in their lives. Anthony Cavaluzzi and his brother Nathan Cavaluzzi are crooks. Buyer beware because I wasn’t.

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