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Published: 14 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I contracted Bob Trent of Progressive Heating and Air of Mt Holly NC to install into my new construction home my HVAC unit, including my air handler, my forced gas heating unit to include all duct work. I gave him his deposit and the unit was intstalled and passed inspection. At that time I unfortunately paid him the full balance and shold have helf back 10% until I moved into the house to make sure I had no issues with the unit or the duct work was done properly. Upon moving in I found out that the one bedroom at the corner of the house that receive the most sun do to having 2 of the walls exposed to the hot sunlight. I contacted Mr Trent on 7/7/14 a week after moving in and upon finding that the room was so much hotter than the rest of the house. he scheduled a time to come 7/12/14. He didn’t show and never bothered to contact me and let me know he would not be there till 7/15/14. When he did show that day again he didn’t bother to call , I had to call him and finally get a response by text he was running late. He did show up and said he redirected some of the flow to that room. To let him know if that worked or not. If not he would have to install a larger duct line. This room is a 14′ x15′ room with the smallest duct line in it and only one vent. On 8/7/14 I contacted him after numerous calls , I finally got him via text I asked him if he could put in a bigger line and he responded that he could and would text me back that evening. I didn’t hear from him so on 8/11 I sent a text asking when he could come change that line. He responded Tuesday afternoon at 3. which would have been 8/12/14. I informed him I would be here. On 8/12/14 he sent me a text at 2:08pm a mear 52 min before he was to be at my house informing me that he was in Columbia SC and wanted to come the following day at the same time. My response was yeah I guess. He could have told me sooner than he did as Columbia is 2 hours away. On 8/13/14 I had to send a text asking to postpone as my friend who was with me and new to the area was involved in an accident and had to be taken to the ER I was with her and followed the ambulance to the ER. This is when he stopped responding. I texted him and called on 8/20/14, 8/21/14 , 8/26/14 then on 9/7/14 I called him from a different number and he answered me. He set up an appt. for 9:30 am on 9/8/14, at 11:28 I called and texted him to have more back up of my dealings , no answer to any texts or calls. On 9/9/14 he sent a text My mother passed, , I’ll call you next week. I responded with ok, sorry for your loss. I waited till 9/18/14 at 11:51 am I asked when he would be coming , no response, either by phone or text. I again called 9/19/14, 9/22/14 and finally on 9/23/14 I called from another number , he answered and when he heard my name he paused and then hung up. I went to his place of business, which is also his home. I asked if he wanted me to stop by? No response so when I arrived his van with his business name was in the driveway, there was another truck in the driveway as well. His garage was open and no one in it. I went to the front door and ran the bell that I don’t believe worked, then I knocked after a few min , still no answer. I went toward the garage and no one in it. So I went back to my truck and wrote a nice note ( all of my correspondence had been nice never once said one mean thing or anything to him. I left after attaching the note to his mail box on the outside with a rubber band. 15 min after I left he called me , threatening me to never step foot on my property , he had called the cops and filed a police report, he was vile with his words , he threatened me with bodly harm. I was informed he had a 30 min video of me on his property, which I did NOTHING to his home, or his property or even his vehicle. I just wanted him to warranty his work that was subpar. At this point I will be contacting the BBB and the North Carolina Licensing Board regarding his actions and his lack of business professionalism. I paid him in full, in fact the contractor that received the first check I made sure he was paid from and I also made sure that he knew he would be paid by me on the final draw. I stood up to my end of the contract however he does not and I have never had a contractor that was paid for his work get so vile. He called me a psycho. I did nothing wrong , my attitude and correspondence was always professional and above board. His on the other hand was not. I do hope that this helps save someone else from dealing with his lack of unprofessional attitude and lack of ethics. .

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