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Published: 04 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

SCAM SCAM / / / / / / / / – SCAM SCAM SCAM DataBases / Information Stolen by Salvatore a..k.a “Uncle” at PROMETEUS DI DANIELA AGRO and his web of Fraudulent Henchmen at Perpetrators / Fraudsters / Thieves: – – – – – – The first five listed here are the principals of the scam: / / / / The last five listed are more henchmen or supporters of the scam: / / / NOTE: The Fraudsters / / / actually posted posts with Smiley Faces Icons at as to their sentiments about stealing our databases and denying us access / the opportunity to back-up our databases ( , never trust your company’s data to these Fraudsters, they will steal your databases and then crack your MySQL database passwords to gather the EMail addresses of your company’s customers to send them hosting offers, in addtion to sharing that stolen data with their group of Henchmen listed above. Here’s how it works: 1.) The web hosting company, in this case / / / / advertises on to build up a fake credibility of their web hosting company by posting post soliciting business on, to this date / / / / have 361 posts of this nature on , by any standard would be considered Spam Posts on any other Forum, but obviously / / / / is paying advertising in some form of kickback, etc.. 2.) After creating the false credibility on , the web hosting company in this case / / / / goes after their real target by posting even more hosting ad offers but this time at a really reduced rate on / , the reduced rate and additional pumped reviews by is to sucker you in, hook, line and sinker. 3.) This is how I was suckered into this ploy in that I found / / / / on ‘s website where they advertised LowEnd VPS’s – Virtual Private Servers. 4.) This is how smooth the SCAM goes, Un-Beknowest to me I did not even know that / / / was party to this scam until later in the SCAM. 5.) I wake up to an EMail Notice from / / / / notifying me that my account has been suspended, no warning, no previous contact, no email sent to me no nothing, just suspended, downtime, websites down, customers can’t reach me, prospective sales being lost. 6.) I contact / / / / and ask why has my account been suspended, no answer, simply ignored !, I knew this to be an ignore because It was 12:00 noon in Italy where they are located and I checked previously tickets previously tickets response rate time. This is the regard that / / / / has for their customers that have paid them for over 2-Years faithfully with punctuality on-time every time, they will simply ignore your tickets after they suspend your account. 7.) After being ignored with no access to my account of which I had entrusted to them, and I want to be clear on this point, at some point along the line this host / / / / has forgotten or blantely chosen to ignore the fact that when a company host their website with their hosting company that trust is being bestowed upon them to manage their client’s “data” in an orderly and safe manner, not to play games or try and hold your data hostage !, thus I responded with an Email to / / / / accusing them of such !, basically I told them in the correspondence that I wanted no fight with them and to simply give me ACCESS to my account to allow me to backup my data and I would be on my merry way. 8.) Now get this, not less than 5-Minutes of sending / / / / the email of holding my data hostage and telling them that I would contact their advertising source where I found them (, they responded, the same company that had been ignoring me all morning responds saying “Now your account is not Suspended, Now it’s Terminated”, not giving me a chance to back my data up or anything, simply abruptly TERMINATED my account. Now I’m not new to being on-line, but from my close to 30-Years of experience of being on line in instances such as this the norm is that if there is a problem the host will contact the EndUser and notify them of the problem before even suspending their account, much less than TERMINATE the customer’s account !, again in my 30-Years of experience if the relationship between host and client customer breaks down a reputable host will even offer the customer a chance like a one hour window to backup their account and / or the host themselves will prepare a backup for the client customer, keyword there being “REPUTABLE” !, of which / / / / is NOT, actually anything but, horrible and dishonest would be more appropriate words. 9.) Astonished and sitting there in pure DISBELIEF, not believing that I had paid this company for over 2-Years straight could not believe that this company / / / / that I’d entrusted with hosting my websites and my databases had now TERMINATED my account without giving me a change to do a final backup. First though that crosses my mind is where did I find this company, I found them at where they were advertising cheap VPS’s – Virtual Private Servers and I thought I should report them to . 10.) Then a better thought came to mind to report them not only to but to report / / / / to the Social Web Hosting Forum , my intentions was to let the Internet Community and particularly those seeking Web Hosting to know of the horrible practices of / / / / ! 11.) Well that was my intentions, but strangely enough from out of the woodwork came all of the “Premium” Members and even the Forum Moderator accusing me of having to have done something wrong before even hearing the facts of what / / / / / / / had so blatantly done to me in Terminating my account without giving me a chance to backup my data, hell, even another false Reviews Company and the Owner or Moderator of LowEndBox of where I originally found / / / / also came out of nowhere in his own words threatening me to “Rip me a New One” see links below: The below are all posted by, the false reviews website, obviously he thinks all westerners are fools and sure we should all place our utmost “Trust” in his REVIEWS, take a look at his main website even at All German website showing what they do with the SCAM money generated from this elaborate scam out of Italy, / / / / .

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