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Published: 13 October 2019

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I called my insurance company and asked for dental providers who were under contract with them. They gave me several names and I interviewed 4 of them and 1 of them pulled 2 teeth, before I went to Daniel Kang. I had to wait two weeks for an appointment with him.On my first appointment, I filled out the questionnaire and told him truthfully that I had a very limited disability income and also about my very serious health concerns. He said that he was going to charge me less than half of what he charges his other patients and not to worry, that he would “take care of me.” I knew I would need dentures and told him that I had Care Credit to pay for them. After sending him the dental xrays that a previous dentist had recently taken and after his oral evaluation, he showed me 4 typed pages of “proposed” dental work, briefly, while I was sitting in dental chair and said they were “subject to change depending on what my insurance would allow”. I wanted to take them home to look them over, but he said that he could not give them to me because they needed to be submitted to the insurance company. There were so many items and duplicates and triplicates and things that I “probably” would not need and so much double speak from him and I wanted to just believe in him because I was tired of being sick and tired of waiting and interviewing dentists, so I just let that go. All I wanted was to have my teeth pulled and get dentures. On my next appointment, I was already in the dentist chair, had been given a topical anesthetic, was very nervous about the pain of having 9 teeth pulled at once, to the point of tears and that is when he brought the NOW 3 page treatment plan to me to review. It was in very small print and I had already taken my glasses off. I was very apprehensive and just wanted the anxiety to be over and I could not concentrate on the pages in front of me while he and two assistants were watching and waiting on me to sign it. I signed it. I assumed I would be able to take the pages home, once I was done, to look them over, AND after all, I was just having extractions done, which had not cost me anything, out of pocket, in the past. After I had all 9 teeth pulled and was making my next appointment, I asked for copies of the papers that I had just signed, instead, the receptionist got up and went to talk to Daniel Kang and he came back and said that “they could not give me copies because they needed to be scanned and submitted to insurance,” but that I “could have a copy of the Care Credit receipt that I signed.” I took the copy of the receipt, not understanding what it was for, because it did not say what it was for. I had assumed that my Care Credit would be going toward the cost of my Dentures. I knew it was “BS” about them not being able to give me copies of my treatment plan, (I have done office work most of my life) but I just let it go because he was very animated, loud and VERY aggressive about everything and I felt very nervous. (I know, I’m stupid.) When I got home, I realized that he had charged me $660 dollars on my Care Credit Card. I know that I signed a paper for it, but I thought it had something to do with my dentures. I had two teeth pulled in January 2014, (just a few months before), and I was not charged anything ‘out of pocket.’ Extractions are covered under my Insurance I was confused and upset because I planned on using my Care Credit toward my dentures and I called my Insurance company. I spoke with a specialist name Myeesha and she said that I had over $620 left on my insurance and that he should not have charged me anything because he had not tried to bill the insurance company for anything that they did not pay for. She asked me what he was charging me for and I could not tell her because he would not give me copies of ANYTHING! On the next business day, I went back to Daniel Kangs’ office and asked for a copy of my treatment plan. He gave me a piece of paper with two pages of the plan on it, in such small print that I could not read it even with my glasses on. He would not show me the page of the treatment plan that had already been performed and what he billed me for. He said he would not give them to me because “that had already been done.” He only showed me what was yet to be done, with many things crossed off. He was very hyper, talking over me, making me nervous, he even mocked me a couple times when I had trouble signing all the new papers that he wanted me to. I still don’t know what I signed. I left his office still not knowing what he was charging me for on my Care credit Card. Care Credit could not tell me what he was charging me for as they only get a lump sum figure and nothing else. I called my insurance company again and Myeesha told me, “No, you are not stuck with the bill,” like I thought I would be because I signed a paper. She said to call Care Credit and dispute the bill, which I finally did. Care credit said they would let me know. In the meantime, I filed a BBB complaint against Daniel Kang. He never responded to the BBB after they contacted him on my behalf, so the BBB finally just closed the case. I also found another complaint about Daniel Kang online, posted on RipOff Report, while I was looking for help. I wish I had seen it before I going to him in the first place. Daniel Kang mocked me, in front of his staff, when I went to his office asking for a copy of what he was charging me for on my Care Credit and spoke so loud and fast that all I wanted to do was just get out of there. Bottom line, Daniel Kang charged me for things that were ridiculous and that I would never have agreed to if I had been given the opportunity to look things over in advance. I recently received a packet of papers from Care Credit that Daniel Kang FINALLY sent to them. There were over 20 pages of small print concerning my treatment plan. There were duplicate and triplicate pages and pages of items not performed nor required for what I came in for. The treatment plan was padded with many, many unnecessary items and procedures, even bone grafts! Sending so much paperwork is an obvious attempt at obfuscation and trying to inundate, confuse and frustrate me so that I would just give up. He charged me $50, nine times, for a dab of gel for each tooth that he pulled. $20 for mouth wash, $20 for toothpaste and other ridiculous charges. That is why he didn’t want to show me what he charged me for on my credit card and would not give me copies of my treatment plan until now. This happened in July 2014 and after all the times I asked, I didn’t find out what he charged me for until September 12, 2014. Because I signed the papers, Care Credit decided in favor of Daniel Kang. In my opinion, Daniel Kang is a greedy con artist. None of his staff were trained. He was using young inexperienced kids, training them on the job. (So he wouldn’t have to pay them?) He had to explain to them what to do every step of the way. This includes the dental assistants AND the receptionist. He made me think he was a generous, charitable man who was going to “take care of me.” I have been totally traumatized by him and have learned a very hard lesson. WATCH OUT!!!

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