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Published: 12 June 2019

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My name is Albert Y owner of a local small construction Myco Construction. Lilly Nava and i came to an agreement a few years ago now about her designing and hosting a web page for my company. I paid in total $1300 for this site. She was now on the Myco team as the internet marketing person for my business. However no calls or emails ever came in from the site. I reviewed the site and was not happy at all. We have many licenses and provide many different services. The entire site she built was about only roofing as far as i could tell. and done very poorly. However the poor art and poor text on the page was the least of the issues. She actually did not even add a phone number or contact info on the site. I paid add money for her SEO. Even if the SEO was effective to guide customers to my site, there was no way for them to contact me. We met and talked about this. She said she would correct it and do additional changes to the page to actually fit my business. Well she added a bunch of canned lines and things she copied off of other construction companies sites. Many of these services she put on the site we dont even offer. Some of the services she said we provide are only done on the east coast due to the snow. Some other services she said we provided were out dated and longer done. We met again and again we went back to the drawing board, This time with me actually reading web design books and telling her what i wanted to see. (I dont have time to read books on her business, I expected her to know her business) But even after all this she never handed my a finished product. i paid for a web page and hosting and never recieved my product. There is more to this story then you thing. Her brother actually stole my credit cards from her office and attempted to use them at Target where he was arrested and sent back to prison due to he was on probation. Yes really. Its true After all that I still wanted my web page or my $1300 back. She said she would make the corrections to the site if i were to pay another year of hosting for $300. But i still was not giving up. I agreed to the $300 for hosting but wanted a finished web page first (after all its been going on 3 years) She could not show me a web page at all at this point. One time i was checking for progress and found a web page for my company with my picture on it “but it was in some other language” Finally i gave up when just today i attempt to log on and see if there is any progress and when i put in my company name her company web site comes up. That was the last straw for me and i want people to know about my dealing with Purfect Web Design and Lilly Nava And you wont believe the text messages and threats im getting from her now that i told her i was going to share my story on line. She is even calling me names and threating to use my domain names (she says she has the rights to them and can use them as she likes) In other when people type in Myco Construction she can direct them to any web site she wants. She has called me “a sorry a**, a looser, a sad case, even a little bi ch, yes i have the text if some one calls to see, Ill be using them in court to attempt to get my $1300 back. Man i just think of all the potential customers i missed capturing in the last few years because i chosen to do business with Lilly Nava. There are plenty of these web site companies out there. I will contact another one tomorrow and try again. All those reading this i know we need a web presence and business is not easy i would be careful in who i chose to give my money to Again im Albert Y 18 years in business call me if you have any questions on this report or would like more details / E-mail Sorry as of yet no web page i can give you .

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