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Published: 23 July 2019

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Raina Pfister is a deceitful liar and con artist, however, she is not a very good one, and will stop at nothing. Beware of this 42-year old blond woman who will (at first) seem to be nice and sincere simply to gain your trust. She is devious and is willing to lie on top of lie and deny everything that she just said. She will twist even her own words. Raina Pfister recently was in a position to take care of (a supposed good friend) while in failing health, along with that friend’s elderly Aunt. She moved her boyfriend Eric and two teenage children into the home of these two individuals to clean, prepare meals, shop, take care of pets and supervise other household workers, as well as take care of the finances of the sick friend. The sick friend died in September, 2007; and the family of the sick friend and Aunt felt that Raina was trustworthy enough and capable to stay on and continue to take care of the Aunt. Meanwhile, Raina had access to the finances and credit cards. Raina spent the money carelessly and on whatever she wanted. Raina was not asked to be accountable for about 2 months; when she was finally asked to be accountable and to show a list of financial balances and what is being paid for; Raina immediately fled the home and abondoned the elderly Aunt with as much property and valuables as she and her family could possibly put in their car, including jewelry, coin collections, art, whatever she could take. At this point, she had already spent all the money that she was entrusted with (approximately $100,000.00), as well as credit cards (that had a zero balance and she used up). Raina has no conscious and effortlessly deceived a family that mistakenly trusted her. She has no other residence that we are aware of, but stayed with friends for short amounts of time. She is currently “”on the run”” from the law, as she has been told there will be police reports and an investigation going on to locate her, arrest her and try her in a court of law for breaking various laws. There is proof for the crimes she has committed and there are many credible people who can testify against her. Unfortunately, the “”next of kin”” of the deceased and the elderly Aunt lives in Washington and it has been difficut at best for the victims friends to bring this to the attention of the authorities … However, we are diligently working to get this accomplished. We (the friends of the deceased and elderly Aunt) believe that Raina Pfister may have even been involved in possibly making the health of the deceased even more vulnerable (and thereby possibly speeding up the death) of the deceased friend by feeding her alcohol and illegal drugs while bed-ridden at home and in the hospital. Raina Pfister is a dangerous liar, thief and con-artist. It’s possible she is a sociopath with no regard for consequences of any of her actions and is only concerned with not getting “”caught””. Beware of this person. Julie Reseda, California U.S.A.

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