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Published: 15 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Timothy Metzger License number 4632 from Rainbow Veterinary is the MOST unprofessional veterinarian, It should have been obvious I made a mistake choosing this place when I walked in and it was like a ghost town COMPLETELY EMPTY without any patients! my dog was not feeling well after entering the room Metzger 4632 entered the room he started to glare at my dog in the eyes before putting his face in my dog’s face. She was muzzled by me not for aggression reasons but purely because my dog like most doesn’t like the VET plus he was a new doctor for her. He put his head directly in her face, she pushed her head at him and it obviously scared him He proceeded to sedate my dog WITHOUT CONSULTING ME OR ASKING PERMISSION! I immediately stopped him and told him I DID NOT give him the right. He instantly became livid and said “THEN GET THE HELL OUT!” Then saying that bad dogs aren’t allowed on his table he also said he used to be a “F***ing” linebacker and bad dogs end up on the floor!!! This was a complete shock! Not only his threats to an animal but his horrible language! His statement was a direct threat and abusive statement to my dog! YES he did use those words!! What kind of veterinarian uses this type of language?! what type of veterinarian threatens a defenseless dog like this?! I’ll tell you what type, an untrained non compassionate heartless evil person who is obviously suffering with some type of mental illness his behavior showed all the signs including his erratic flip of personality, his outrageous anger over nothing. After I left I contacted my attorney who has filed a complaint against Tim Metzger 4632 and his office Rainbow Vet. My attorney discovered many official complaint that have already been filed against Metzger 4632. Animals have died at his hand due to his negligence. I have also filed an official complaint. I suggest anyone who has had such an experience with this Metzger 4632 I highly suggest you also file a complaint enough complaint will get his license suspended he is not in the MENTAL POSITION TO PLAY DOCTOR and needs to be stopped!STAY AWAY AND BEWARE!!!!! R.I.P Homer, Kiki,& Macy. The nurses are just as bad by allowing him to act the way he acts and turn a blind eye to him. THIS IS A DANGEROUS MAN!

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