Randall Stanford Sword

A phony scammer who stole a lot of my money!

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Julia

Dr. Randall lied to me and told me that he could treat my condition without any hassle. I believed that crook only to find out that he was a cheat and a thief. He was laying to me so that he could steal from me. I have eczema. It’s incurable. But Dr. Randall preyed on my desperation. He thought it was okay to lie to the patients and tell them that everything can be fixed. He was giving me phony medicine for about 3 months. When he realized that I had understood his con, he told me that he was sorry and that he couldn’t treat me. He’s a bastard who thinks it’s alright to cheat others. He doesn’t know how much pain and agony he made me go through. I was living under the impression that I’ll get better. I trusted him way too much. Whenever a doubt would enter my mind, I’d convince myself that I’m no expert and he’s the expert. He took advantage of my trust. He even charged me a lot. I know how much dermatologists charge and his fees were much higher than any other doctor I’ve visited. But he justified it by saying that he gave special attention to my case and it was an abnormal one. I was really skeptical of his treatment at first.

I didn’t think he could treat me. But then he convinced me that he could treat my condition. He also gave me different examples, which now, I believe were made-up, to make sure that I got fully convinced that he could treat my eczema. My friends had warned me about such phony scammers but I’d never faced one of them. Now I know what it’s like to get scammed. He stole a lot of money from me. And then he just told me that he couldn’t treat me. If he wasn’t a scammer, if he was a genuine and caring doctor, then couldn’t he tell me that a few months ago? Why did he wait for 3 months? This fact alone convinced me that he was a scammer and he was taking advantage of my stupid behaviour. Look, I’ve suffered from eczema all my life. And living with it isn’t easy. It’s painful. You’d have to experience it to understand what I’m talking about. I wish no one gets this condition. But people do. And I have it. So if someone comes to me and says that he or she could give me relief, I feel a strong urge to give it a try. And when it’s a popular and respected doctor, you wouldn’t think twice, right? I had my doubts but as I said, he made sure that he removed them. Now I’m living with around $6000 less from my account. I had to pay him in cash because his clinic didn’t accept my insurance plan. Just avoid this crook. He is a lying cheat. I’m pretty sure he’d cheat and betray many others so for your own sake, avoid this guy.

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