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Published: 30 September 2019

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RPM Elite Property Management South Jordan,(RPM Franchise Name) October 13,2014 Dear Tony and Britnee Yraguen I have substantial verification that RPM neglected my property leading to permanent damage leaving the home uninhabitable. The office manager, Tracie is not able/ willing to provide written verification that the home was inspected on a regular basis during the 18 month contract. The only verified date it was inspected was July 28, 2014; after I had notified them I would be moving back into the home. The written inspection on that date verifies the “property was somewhat clean, all rooms were very dirty” and the inspector recommended cleaning and closed his work order. Based on the photos he took, and his written inspection, another inspection was crucial to ensure the tenants cleaned the garbage filled room and the “very dirty” home. I am sharing my photos as evidence of my claim that RPM Elite Utah/South Jordan was negligent in their contractual obligations of “managing” my home and property. I have the following complaint. 1) Animal / human urine smell was at toxic levels throughout the home. The “pets” ( possibly the humans) urinated throughout the home destroying 3 carpets / 2 which were placed new during the tenant contract. All carpets, pads, tack- board and base boards had to be removed due to toxic smells. The animal / human urine was long term and had soaked through to the concrete and damaged the costly hardwood floors. Leslie reported to me that your RPM Elite cleaning woman refused to enter the home due to the hazardous smell of animal / human urine. 2) Animal / human urine was on and inside of the built in cabinets in the basement, the hall way and the kitchen. All built in cabinets had to be removed due to animal / human urine and toxic smell levels. One cabinet was black and crumbled due to the long term urine damage; a male dog /human had “peed” up the side of the cabinets. 3) Copious amount of cat feces was found in the crawl space of the home. The crawl space wall behind the heater had been torn out leaving open access for the animals to use the dirt as a litter box. (A cat was never approved in the contract.) 4) Rabbit feces found in the green house. The rabbit ate part of the green house wall and wood. Poultry food and a rabbit cage were found in the green house. A rabbit was never approved. (Tracie validated that RPM did not check any of the out buildings on the property at any time. The property has 4 out buildings) 5) One out building was full of rodent feces, another out building was filled with debris, old animal food, rabbit cage, tires, auto parts, garbage bags fille with ???, all leading to rodents living in all out buildings. 6) Mice feces found on top of and around the dishwasher and under the kitchen sink. 7) Rats nest and rat feces were found behind the refrigerator and inside of the back of the fridge. 8) Stove and microwave were filled with old food, cooked on filth and mice feces around the appliances with strong odor of foul rodent feces. 9) ALL appliances had to be thrown away due to the filth and rodent feces on, in and around the appliances due to being a health hazzard. 10) All areas of the home were covered in black filth, holding dangerous rodent and human bacteria and viruses along with the mold from never being cleaned. 11) Large amounts of animal hair and dander holding mites and other bacteria covered the windowsills, the air intakes, the inside of the kitchen cabinets and drawers. 12) Doors and walls were covered with black dirt creating unsanitary conditions and a health hazard. 13) All door locks, deadbolts were broken, dented, damaged beyone repair and needed to be replaced. 14) Tenants took the washer/ dryer and lawnmower as well as all yard tools I left for them to assist in caring for the property. This is property theft. 15) Deep dog scratches on 3 sides of the wood burning stove. 16) Large hack marks in the bark of the 2 mature trees and on patio decks as well as in the bricks of the home. 17) Melted siding on the back of the home, damages siding with multiple drill holes and tar stains. 18) Windows so dirty they appear opaque, window screens missing, torn, cut. 19) The renters are required to have rental insurance, Tracie cannot verify that. 20) The contract allowed 2 adults living here, there were 4 adults, 2 children, 2-3 dogs, 1-2 cats and a rabbit. 21) Tracie indicated this damage occurred in the 60 day period between the inspection and my arrival. Photos and toxic level of the urine and putrid filth smell verify it is long term neglect and lack of basic cleaning. 22) I believe that because I was a travel nurse and not in the area on a regular basis; RPM Elite purposely committed fraud and took my money without providing the agreed upon contracted services. 23) I have numerous other complaint/concerns and pictures of the negligence leading to damage of the home. The photos will provide more detail of the neglect and damage 24) When I entered the home on October 2, 2014, I was in shock at what I found. The smell of animal / human urine was so strong it burned the eyes, nose and throat. I stayed at a motel for a week while I tore out carpets, cabinets and removed litter, feces and debris. I contacted RMP daily and requested assistance due to the ghastly condition of the home. They indicated there was nothing they could/would do to assist and instructed me to call Merry Maids. 25) I have provided all communication via the home owners portal. Before and or after each portal communication, there was a phone conversation discussing the details of the portal entry. Each time I communicated with the staff, they assured me the property was “ great.” 26) As you can see by the entries, I was diligent in keeping the property maintained at all cost, including landscaping the back yard and replacing the water heater. 27) I am curious why RMP photo of the water heater was cropped in order to avoid the garbage and dirt on the floor behind it. The RMP photo of the garbage filled bedroom is evidence the inspection was not complete, how could the inspector verify any damage to the floor/walls 29) Please review owners portal and contact Tracie and Leslie for copies of email correspondence. Thank you for your time, I would like to opportunity to speak with you in person to see if we can resolve this matter. Thank you, C. Weber How could the Real Property Management office have handled this situation better and not caused this to become a formal complaint against them? Inspected the property as per the contact agreement. I believe this matter will be resolved if Real Property Management: Restoration of the property and financial responsibility for costs incurred for clean-up and total restoration to original state. Refund of all monies paid to RPM for payment to “manage” property. I wish to file this complaint against the Real Property Management office or employee named in this document. I also state that my account of the events is true and I have proof to support my complaint.

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