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Published: 11 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Please note that the entire Pardon/Waiver services sector in Canada is completely UN-REGUALTED. If you decide to deal with any company in Canada performing these types of servics, you do so at your own risk. There are no governement agencies that you can rely on when things go south and you dont get your desired results. Record Suspension Services is just one of this companies that you want to stay away from. If you have Googled this company name and you found yourself here in the search results, then that should be warning enough. Move forward and do not deal with this company. I paid my fees’ in full using my Visa to obtain a U.S. Waiver card for a minor criminal conviction 20 yrs prior. After dealing with the first agent during my consultation, I was infomed that my case would be before Homeland Security within 10 days. I was also informed that because I was returning client (6 years prior) for my Canadian Pardon, that all previous records would still be on file and there would be no need to pay to have or obtain these records again. It was a simple easy case. Once I paid in full, I recieved an email receipt for my payment, along with the terms and conditions of the service. WHooooaaaaa! Stop the press. The Terms and Conditions were completely opposite of what I had discussed with the agent when I had first called to start the process. When I called back to address these differences, I was informed that the previous agent was incorrect and has since been relocated to another department. I paid $536.00 and if I wanted to cancel, they fee would be $300.00 for thier mistake. Since I didnt want to absorb that loss, I pushed on. I submiited my documents as requested, and that when it all went sideways. After repeated attempts to obtain updates by email and phone calls, I never got any respsonse from this office once they collected my fee about whether or not they recieved my documents. This went on for over a month. When you try and call to speak to someone, you cannot get past the ‘Gate Keeper” when you call the 1-800 number, they always pass you to some invisible voicemail. Agents (caseworkers) do not respond to emails and apparently dont take calls either. Why would they? they already have your money. After one (1) month of this crap, and an email threatening the action I would be taking if I did not hear back from their office within 5 business days, I received my FIRST email within 15 minutes demanding that I pay an additional $197.00 for court application fees (which I was told I would not have too) before procedding with my application. If that was not enough, if I dont not pay within 10 days, they were going to charge me late fee’s. Now they are holding me hostage. I have demaned to see PROOF of these “court fee’s” and they have not been able to provide this paperwork or copies. I called Visa to cancel the transaction and perform a ‘Charge Back’ to Record Suspension Services, and the agent was unable to comply with request, and in her words said, “They have very cleverly protected themselves in the wording of their contracts”, and that she was unable to perform this requests. My request was denied. I then check out this company rating with the Better Business Burea. This was a HUGE eye opener, and had I dont this first, I would not be here on Rip Off Report warning you to stay away. Record Suspension Services has a D+ rating, with 37 Un-Resolved complaint for doing EXACTLY what they are doing to me. They take the money, protect themselves against chargebacks, and never call you back. When you hold them accountable for thier actions, they throw addtional charges at you and hold you hostage for more money. I have since filed with the BBB, and I strongly encourage you to do your homework as well, and not after you have paid. DO NOT deal with this business. You will be left high and dry. Take the time to read the complaint in full on the BBB website. This company is doing exactly the same things to me as I have read in other cases already reported and filed. Dont become victim number 39 (Im number 38) that has had the spine to report this. Run! If that isn’t enough, remember what I said in beginning, this industry is NOT regulated and they know this. There is no recourse. Don’t be the next fool. .

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