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Published: 05 May 2018

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This letter shall serve as a formal dispute contesting the RelayRides claim made against me for the mechanical damage and full clutch replacement for a RelayRides rental listed as Ginger Z’s 2009 Mini Convertible totaling $1885.33. In addition, this letter shall serve as a formal demand for RelayRides to dismiss all charges against me. I have made countless appeals to RelayRides’ sense of fair play, honesty, reputation and professional pride to take the necessary action promptly to rectify the situation but have had no results. As a Television and Film Executive, I have spent the last 20 years traveling and renting cars on a regular basis as it is a part of the job. I am RelayRides ‘target audience’ of consumers. I was looking forward to working with a company that at first seemed to appeal to my needs as a traveler and Executive.Unfortunately, it proved to good to be true. Per legal counsel, I am entitled to all documentation of mechanical maintenance and service for the RelayRides Rental listed as Ginger Z’s 2009 Mini Convertible. I have asked Ginger Zumaeta, the car owner, for these records and she has not replied. As a result, it is RelayRides responsibility to provide that to me. I have been advised that I am entitled to the RelayRides car I am renting to match any description given of the vehicle, in addition to the guarantee of acceptable quality. The Consumer Guarantees Act provides me as a renter with rights and remedies for renting a faulty and defective vehicle. However, the RelayRides car was listed as a 2009 Mini Cooper Convertible and not a 2005 model that it is. I am still awaiting contact from Tommy Hall, the Service Manager that Ginger Zumaeta took her car to for service to repair the mechanical damage. Not only do I have the right to receive a full evaluation of the car and how the damage could have occurred in such a short time frame, but also according to legal counsel I have the right to a second opinion from a mechanic, which I was denied by RelayRides. I got the highest level of insurance provided by RelayRides which I was told after they wanted to charge me with the damage does not work on Mechanical Damage. Basically, the insurance I bought is a scam. Their noncompliance with insurance seems to be a running theme for them. Note they shut down their New York operations for similar reasons. How can I be charged for a full fly wheel and clutch replacement for approximately $2k after only driving the car for 25 days? I have documentation from mechanics that state something had to be wrong with the car before I drove it. RelayRides claims they do not need to do a full review of the car prior to renters renting the car, but feel it is their right to charge for any mechanical damage without proof of previous mechanical maintenance records. Think about it, any car owner can need a new engine, put it for rent on RelayRides and then the renter is responsible for the repair costs. Something needs to be done about this to protect RelayRides renters. In addition, I have not been refunded for the time I was unable to use the car on the dates of February 27-March 8, a total of $481 due to the fact that I had to return the car early nor was I reimbursed for the $500 security deposit I was charged on January 18th. I am asking that RelayRides refund me a total of $981 for my security deposit and time I did not use the car. In addition, I am requesting RelayRides does not hold me accountable for a new clutch and engine repair for a total of $1885.33. I would also like to note the Customer Service of RelayRides needs serious work. I have not received a call back from anyone at RelayRides even after countless messages. And the responses from their Customer Service representative Michael Spence have been brief and very infrequent. When Mr. Spece responds it is only to tell me I owe $1885.33. Please acknowledge this letter does not waive any rights or remedies available to me, all of which are expressly reserved. Below are the Timeline of Events below that prove I am not responsible for the mechanical damage RelayRides is claiming I am responsible for. To Note Overall: Was charged a total of $2092.50 Drove it only for 25 days. Dropped off the car immediately when the engine light went wrong on February 27th. I was charged until March 8th. I was charged a $500 security deposit (for which I have not been refunded). Booked what I thought was a 2009 Mini Cooper Convertible as marketed on RelayRides. Please see attached. I later found out it is a 2005. January 19: Scheduled to pick car up at 2pm but adjusted to 7pm. Never got a credit. Upon pick-up was shown a service light in the car. Ginger said not to worry about the light. “It appears sometimes.” Jan 31 – Feb 3: Parked Car at Park ‘N Fly. Did not drive car. February 6: I looked into an extension of RelayRides and like you do with the first time you book thought it had to be approved first and you as a renter had the opportunity to decide if you want to pay and extend the rental time. I did not mean to extend it. I let RelayRides know, they said there was nothing they could do. “”It wasn’t their responsibility and I had to call the owner, Ginger to get refunded.”” I called Ginger to say it was a mistake. She said no problem. I was Charged $285.00. And never got reimbursed. February 14 – 25: Parked Car at Park ‘N Fly. Did not drive car. February 25 5:18pm: Once I returned to LAX. I started the car and the engine light appeared. I texted Ginger right away. She asked I take it to a service station. I did. They said I should check with Mini. They are not sure what it could be. I texted Ginger that I took it to a service station and they said to take it to Mini. I told her I would drop it off because it didn’t sound good. February 27 1p: I returned the car early to Ginger’s house. It was left clean with a full tank of gas. I told her I shouldn’t be driving it, she said she wanted me to drive it to her house. I took taxi to where I was staying. It was completely unacceptable and I had to rent a car with Budget to get around. .

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