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Published: 28 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I put a down payment of 999.00 on a vehicle for my daughter last month in February. I did ask the woman that assisted me was the car inspected she said yes. I also asked if I could have the car inspected by Firestone, she said no because it is a liability. I was able to test drive the car and the mechanic went with me. I tried checking and looking around but I don’t know that much about cars, so I thought everything was fine. After my daughter signed all the papers, I asked her was it gas in the car, she stated yes, there is plenty of gas in the car. When my daughter started up the car, the gas light came on so we immediately went to the gas to fill it up. I should have known, better because this was the first red flag. Later my daughter stated that the tires feel like its on a flat but of course it didn’t look like it so we took it for an oil change because there was no indication when the last oil change was and to see about the tire. Firestone checked it out and stated that this car would not pass inspection because the treading on both back tires are warn down an the wipers need to be replaced. I do still have a copy of the report from Firestone that shows proof of this too. So I ended up replacing the two back tires and the windshield wipers. They also told me that they would not be able to change the headlight because it had plastic ties on it and if it was removed then the light will hang. They suggested that I take it back to the place where I purchased the car. I went back to the car place where we purchased the car and spoke with the owner and told him what the mechanic said to me and he stated that mechanics just want to take my money. I have taken my car to Firestone for a while and they are a reputable company so my thought is why would they lie. Any way, the owner stated to me that he did not like my attitude and I stated to him that I do not have an attitude and if I did he would certainly know it. A few days later I brought the car back to the car place so that it could be looked at and the owner was not there so I waited and talked to the mechanic. I told him what the owner said to me about my attitude and joked with him, I didn’t think anything else of it. The mechanic did call the owner and said that he would fix the light so I stated that I will go and buy a cup of coffee and offered to buy the mechanic a cup of coffee as well. I left the shop and came back and the manager was there and he told me that since I am not happy with the service he will give me my money back. I stated to him that I just want the headlight fixed. He stated to me that he is refusing service to me and he does not like my attitude and that I am rude. He said this in front of two customers that was sitting in his lobby to front me off. So I walked out and told him he would be hearing from me. Later that day, I decided to take his offer and get my money back, out of spite he stated to me that he will not give me my money back because I was not his customer. I told him that I put the deposit down with my card. He then told me that he will only give me my money back and I only have one day but he will only give it to his customer. I told him I would be back the next day with my daughter. The next day we came back and he had us waiting around for some email which I thought was suspicious seeing that he is the manager. Thought it was strange that he took his time giving me my money back. He then told my daughter she just need to sign a paper stating that she is returning the car back. So she walked up and read the paper and he sneakily stated to me that I can read it to. What he did was print out on a blank piece of paper threatening that if me, my daughter or relatives slander his name or company he will sue her. I did not sign this paper and he did hold that check back until she signed it. This is a violation of both our constitutional rights of free speech. I have the right to talk about my good or bad experiences as I please without being threated or harrassed by anyone. I received poor customer service from this owner and I will never pay for bad business. Any company should be big on customer service and should know how to deal any multiple personalities regardless of the situation. This was unprofessional and uncalled for. .

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