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Published: 23 September 2018

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Rent Star Property Management GPO BOX 1335, Brisbane QLD 4001 Suite 7, 18 Kilroe Street, Milton QLD 4064 Australia,153.0012175,3a,37.5y,280.8h,85.7t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sTLbzLJiiSc7hpsjEoozc3w!2e0 +61 07 3367 1245 +61 07 3367 8582 Fax 15 Primrose Street Bowen Hills QLD 4006 AKA 15 Primrose Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 This property has specific problems with it as does the management staff so consider this report for BOTH the location itself AND the managers of the unit. They seem to indicate this property is in two places, being Bowen Hills and Fortitude Valley both of which are suburbs of Brisbane Australia. Both the same in fact. This address likely nets over $40,000.00 per month in rents. And is managed by buffoons. Move in condition report as of June 18, 2014. The date I paid a depost of $1120.00 and two weeks of rent up front, another $560.00 for a total of $1,680.00. As of today, December 05, 2014 no effort was made to resolve any of this. Microwave area above fridge, careless use has made water damage of the wall unit and likely the oven itself. Obvious dereliction on their part given the bug death, roaches, food and bug poop all over under the unit and in various hinge points in the cabinets. I’ve cleaned this and removed the roach caracasses and have yet to clean other areas including the bath vanity that has a dead roach in it crushed in the hinges. Microwave is not operable given the food and water damage to it. Entire unit needs to be painted and caulked, smoke damage and scuffs to the walls. Sofa had animal urine in it and needed to be vacuumed to free it of debris. Shower hose was rusted and infected with tetanus and had to be replaced. Floor drain in bathroom floor was taped over and had to be removed and cleaned. Toilet was not cleaned and looked as though people attempted to urinate in it from across the street with it having caked urine and nonsense all over the seat, under it, near the bolts, etc. Dryer is damaged and stained with some chemical resin. It should be white and somehow has some kind of black smear inside of it. Washing machine has the agitator caked with what looks like heavy bearing or axle grease and is blobbing that all over the clothes in the machine. Agitator had to be removed and scrubbed by hand to remove caked on grease and lint. Various tiles are damaged and chipped as are the sink in the bath and the toilet. This seems to be done by dropping heavy metal items in and or on the ceramics. They are chipped. Fridge was not level and had the lower door seal not in place, I’ve fixed both of those. Some scuff marks are on the one wall opposite the kitchen sink area with some over painting attempted. The TV stand has some slight damage as does the small and large tables to their top Brown gunk sprayed on bathroom door near upper hinge. Door and jamb appear stained now. Cigarette smoke/stains/tar on wall mounted air conditioner. Drain for condesate appears plugged since it drips water inside the unit. Remote is broken, battery door is taped on. Unit does operate with some tinkering with the remote. Left side of roller/sliding door shade is pulling away from the wall. I had to remove and epoxy that back into the concrete wall so I was not poked in the eye coming out of the bath/shower. Kitchen lamp fixture is broken, both CFL edison bulbs (17W 6500K) are working and fixture has two holders but only one works, I assume it is wired wrong. It was, and was full of bug poop and eggs and death. It has been replaced with a working fixture with two properly sized bulbs. Kitchen cabinets are pulling away from the wall and ceiling and are only attached with two small screws, insufficient to support them. Now and then you can hear them settle a mm more and they creak in the night as they continue to pull off the wall. Mine sit empty as of now since they won’t support any weight. —- Inspections – During the first week I moved in and made them aware of the fact they did their move in inspection wrong, basically being about as wrong as you could be, someone knocked on my door and then would not reply when I asked if I could help them. I assume they were just going to walk into my unit if I was not at home. Later experience says I am right. I was contacted in August 2014 about an inspection and was told the day and time this would be done, TOLD, not asked. I replied and said you’d be denied entry since you made no effort to repair the problems in the unit, it was filthy when I moved in and had damage you did not note. I said given the fact I had to clean up someone else’s mess and repair things and the bug and roach problem had to be ongoing for over one year from the amount of dirt they left, you have no reason to enter. Since you can’t see any problems and won’t note them or respond to my communications then there is no point in entering to inspect or to communicate with me. I won’t have you misrepresent the unit to me, make me make repairs despite my paying YOU a deposit and then have to fix damage and clean myself, and then you misrepresent the unit again to the owner likely claiming YOU remedied it. So you lie to and defraud me, and then do that to the owner who pays you to manage the apartments. So despite all of that they knocked on the door, and I told them they are not allowed to enter and that they were told not to bother me. This was in writing in response to their indications to enter. The day came and sure enough, they did not bother honoring my wishes not to be bothered and I asked can I help them and they just replied “Yep”. So they know they are being harassive and that they are not to enter and there is no reason and they make this 1/2 hearted effort so they can claim they did not make a request to do so. They want me in effect to make them look good for their derelict management and misrepresent the unit to me and then to the owner when I make it look right. Another request was made soon after that for September 03, 2014 between 9 and 11. First was on August 13 between 9 and 1pm. I said the same thing and despite that they rang the front bell and asked if I was letting them in and they had to do that twice despite me telling them in advance they have no permission to enter. And they still don’t, they have no right to just enter my apartment when they please. Now they want to inspect again on September 15, 2014 between 9 and 1pm and they will be denied again, they in effect have no lease since they broke it on day one. Now this is harassment and felony theft and fraud. Person in unit 27 above me seems to clean around here or sweep but is harrasive in nature, stomping on the floor all the time and even at 4am, makes excessive noise by scraping chairs against the floor. Needless abuse. It would not be humanly possible for me to make that much noise walking on these concrete and tile floors so this says it is intentional abuse. September 15, 2014 at 9:31 am a person makes attempt to break into apartment despite my telling them they have no permission to enter, another attempt is made to break in at 9:33am with a loud pounding on the door. They don’t identify themselves and just start jamming keys in the lock. A female voice says hello at first and attempts to enter. The male pounded on the door so hard on the second attempt to break in he bent the door, since now it leaks light around the lower left portion between the door and jamb where before it was sealed tight. His voice was thick with threat of violence and the fact he’d break into the unit. Now the door is split near the strike and has sprung the closer from the mounts near the wall. Absurd. Lunacy. September 18 I get an email notice claiming my locks were changed and this is a breach of lease, which is not possible since landlord has no lease or no permission to enter. Given their hostile and violent behaviors they will not be allowed to enter ever. And with their felonies and other abuse and lies this is ever more obvious. October 03 2014, I get another email notice with some complaint about locks being changed and inspection, they have no persmission to enter. At 11:35am someone knocks and then quickly starts jamming keys into the lock before I can answer. Another attempt to break and enter the unit. Harassment from the unit above 27 seems to have stopped and I assume those people were under the employ of Rent Star and have been asked to leave. This abuse went on from the time I moved in here on June 18, 2014 until about October 01, 2014. Someone who appeared to be cleaning on the morning of Friday October 03, 2014 was sure to make enough noise likely to make it seem I needed to be awake to deny Rent Star from forcing their way into the apartment. They did this intentionally in other words. This looks like retaliation and the tone of voice used and the violence made to compel me to open the door for them tells me they won’t be allowed to enter now ever. Now they claim to offer I have abandoned the property even though they are paid every week and have 4 weeks of rent paid on a unit that has damage. You can’t accept a deposit on a unit that has damage and then not note it properly. Later I receive a hand delivered note with the claim I have abandoned the unit, that I am not allowed to enter, and they now are going to keep my property. Which of course is more fraud and theft. Who do these people think they are? Even with a change to managers here I’d avoid this address in total for the problems with the design, a new building that is in effect a multi-million dollar waste of concrete. There are no shut off valves in the unit for water in case of leaks, so you need to shut off the whole building, making it all but impossible for residents to mitigate any damage. This also compels their want to move in and live with you since they seem to consider themselves mothers and fathers with their want to just walk in any time. You are right next to commuter trains with 4 tracks outside the walls here. Noise is deafening and the rails and wheels ring so loudly off the walls and tile floors you will have hearing damage in no time. It can cause physical pain it is so loud. During peak times there are as many as 10 trains a MINUTE going past this building. And this goes on all day until past 1am and starts again around 4am. I would take a pass on this RentStar management for any rental need, business or personal and avoid this property address in total. The units should be condemned until they are made right since the cabinets falling off the wall could kill me, a 127kg 186cm tall male. A child would have no chance when those cabinets fell on their heads especially if you had them packed full of jars of tomato sauce. Contact Information For RentStar: Omar Hamid Licensed Real Estate Agent Mobile: 0423 694 966 (email address removed by admin) Katie Bursnall Senior Property Manager Mobile: 0439 826 914 (email address removed by admin) Chase Bursnall Licensed Real Estate Agent Mobile: 0405 661 356 (email address removed by admin) Ella Baartz Leasing Specialist Mobile: 0434 343 733 (email address removed by admin) Haley Gordon Assistant Property Manager (email address removed by admin) Keisha Hoffmann Property Manager Phone: 0468 346 096 (email address removed by admin) Joe Steenson Property Manager (email address removed by admin) .

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