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Published: 17 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On April 3, 2014, the salesman for Retriever Merchant Solutions was at our place of business to sign the contract with their company for credit card processing. He told us that the company would supply the credit card terminal, an Ingenico ict220, for $29 per month and 4.95 per month insurance. With tax, we are paying $36.42 per month via automatic withdraw from our bank account. No mention of a 4 year noncanellable lease contract with a 3rd party was mentioned at the time. The day we recieved the credit card terminal, 4 April 2014. I let Mr. Moreno know we received it and he said that someone from the company would call to verify that it was working properly. The company did call that day and did verify that the terminal was set up and running, but no mention of the 4 year noncancellable lease was mentioned. A couple weeks later we received a letter from Lease Finance Group, LLC (LFG) dated April 16, 2014 thanking us for leasing the credit card terminal through them and that. No one from Retriever had told us about this 3rd party leasing company so I called LFG the day we recieved the letter and questioned the contract. They told me that it was a 4 year noncancellable lease. I tried contacting Mr. Moreno via phone and email about the issue, but he never returned any phone calls or emails. I then called Retriever and talked to his supervisor and she said that the person who called to verify that the terminal was set up and running when we recieved the terminal should have went over the terminal being a 4 year noncancellable lease.I told them that no one told us that it was a 4 year noncancellable lease; Mr. Moreno didn’t nor did the phone support person. She said that it should have been recorded and she would check into it. I called back numerous times to see if they found the recording but they kept telling me they were working on it. Finally they told me since it was on the contract (which Mr. Moreno did not point out unless he wrote it in after I signed) that we were stuck with it. They never produced the phone recording where the person was supposed to verify we knew it was a 4 year noncancellable contract. Then on Aug 6, 2014, Retriever withdrew $90 from our account with out prior approval. I called Retriever and questioned the withdraw and C….. B…..r said it was for a PCI protection program. I told her that Mr. ******* said, when we signed the contract, if we had this certian terminal that we would not be charged any kind of PCI fee. She did verify that we were PCI compliant. Again, no one told us about this fee. Through out this ordeal, I have tried to contact Mr. ******** numerous times concerning the issue, but he fails to return calls or emails. I contacted the company and they still yet have not produced any kind of phone recording that their technician stated and verified with us about a 4 year noncancellable lease. I also contacted the BBB but they didn’t do anything neither did the company. Quite upset about this but apparently there is nothing I can do about it but take it to a lawyer Ugh! Like I have time to get a lawyer, etc. etc. more money. So if these people pop into your business, do your homework before you sign anything. It is a contract you are signing not just an authorization slip to proceed which he/she will tell you. They will talk fast and sweet. They know how to sell their stuff to idiots like me 🙁 .

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