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A Retarded Lawyer

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Published: 05 January 2019

Posted by: Jacob Turley

There are smart scammers, and then there are retarded liars. Richard Wayne falls in the latter category. I am ashamed of myself that I fell for this guy’s schemes and lies. If I had known any better, I would have stayed miles away from Richard and his tiny little law firm.

He is lying to everyone about his expertise and experience. He doesn’t have any basic knowledge of the law and legal practice. So don’t expect him to solve your problems. He can only create new problems for you and your organization. He cost my company one of our biggest clients and a financial loss of $150,000

I am still trying to get over that humongous financial loss. It had ruined my company completely. But I know that Richard is still out there and he is still scamming other people and businesses. He knows a little about marketing or maybe the people in his firm know about marketing.

That’s because his firm’s website is studded with persuasive lies. He has posted fake client reviews and a complete page about himself and his achievements. If you ask me, this guy’s biggest achievement of his life is being able to read. He is careless and doesn’t care about the well-being of his own clients.

I’m no lawyer but even I know how important a client is for the lawyer. Suffice to say, this guy shouldn’t even be a lawyer. When I had found out about Richard, there wasn’t much negative content posted on the internet about him. So, I had no doubts about his skills and expertise. I was wrong to think of him as an expert.

If I had found out his reality before spending my cash on his firm, my company might still be earning the profit and we wouldn’t have to minimize all our budgets. Through this article, I’m only trying to alert others about the kinds of crimes Richard has done by lying to everyone. I’ve also shared my personal experience.

Who is Richard? (And what he claims to be)

The official website of Richard C. Wayne states that he has been practising law since 1996. I can’t say for sure if his claims are true but that is what his website states. The website also states that he graduated from Georgia State University Law School and got a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Oglethorpe University.

He mainly provides his litigation services in Atlanta and claims to be an expert in representing the borrowers.

That seems to cover all the basic details about this scammer. Richard C. Wayne has been in the industry for quite some time, however, he hasn’t improved his skills at all and takes on more than he can handle. His slow brain is one of his main drawbacks which makes him unfit for his profession.

After my experience with Richard C. Wayne, I can definitely assure you that he used to suffer from ADHD because he hasn’t learned a thing during his education.

His website boasts a lot about Richard’s expertise and experience. To be honest, these numbers don’t matter at all. If those numbers mattered than the floor would be the most knowledgeable being in the entire school.

Like I said earlier, Richard might have no idea about litigation but he has some knowledge of marketing. Either that or maybe someone in his firm is sane enough to care about attracting new leads. My first meeting with Richard was enough to convince me that he is not a trustworthy guy.

Many have been scammed by Richard C Wayne

After my dreading experience with Richard C Wayne, I Googled him and found out that he has scammed A LOT of other people. But most of these complaint have been removed from the internet. Richard does not want the world to know his true identity and that is why he keeps an eye on any critical or real reviews of customers and file fake DMCAs to take them down.

He is a lawyer but he doesn’t hesitate in using illegal ways to get what he wants. Issuing fake DMCAs is a crime but he issues them. If I had seen these complaint before contacting him, I would have stayed away from him.

Apart from that, I didn’t believe the negative reviews I had heard about him and his services. I trusted his website way too much.

However, there are a couple of websites which are more stubborn than the others and they haven’t removed their complaint on Richard C Wayne. I have listed the top 2 complaint down below so you can see for yourself, what kind of dullard Richard is and how others suffer because of him:

Richard C Wayne does not have any experience and is a fraud
Posted on 18th March 2017 by Erick Sue on

AVOID RICHARD C WAYNE!!! I hired him for some litigation work and he charged me over $100,000 and gave no results at all. When I looked over the invoice that the Richard C Wayne & Associates sent me, I found out dozens of hidden charges scattered around the bill. I wouldn’t have minded paying him the money, but he did not do anything and the results weren’t visible at all. We are exactly in the same legal position and the only difference is that we have 100K less than before. Please find another attorney and run away from Richard C Wayne.

Charged $10,000 and accomplished nothing
Posted on

Richard C Wayne & Associates lack any level of dexterity and experience to operate as a law firm. I hired them for help with my legal papers and some research. As I have hired law firms in the past, I know all the basic information he will need, so I gave him that. He charged me a $250 consultation fee but I didn’t think too much about money as I was in a hurry and I paid him without any second thoughts. All I wanted was to resolve the legal problem as soon as possible.

Richard sent me numerous incorrect reports with an abundance of errors and unfortunately, we relied on those reports. Our clients notified us that those reports were not correct at all, it cost us a lot of money and our clients started questioning us. All of his reports were full of silly errors that cannot be expected from any law firm and this resulted in a major delay in our legal processes.

Some paper was not even dated correctly, it’s like he was using some kind of ready-made template for the documents and not using any brain at all. We had to do all the paperwork ourselves later on and Mr Wayne charged us an additional $75 in hidden fees. After the 1st month he started billing us for each and every phone call as well, he said that it was his normal “consultation” charging method.

After 3 months he had billed us for $10,000 and he showed us zero results. We were exactly where we started and all the work pressure hiked up, because of the delay. When we questioned him he ignored all the calls and emails and he left us with no choice but to change our lawyer.

Richard C Wayne is not fit for his work, he is a lazy, irresponsible moron who should not be hired by anyone unless they want to throw their money down the drain and ruin their legal documents.

After reading these reviews, I was not shocked as my experience was quite similar to these people. I did regret not reading these before I hired Richard C Wayne, it would have saved me a lot of time, money and frustration.

His Mistake Cost My Company $150,000

If there is one thing you need to know about Richard Wayne, it’s that he is a total fool. This guy is so careless that he doesn’t even know what kind of work he has to do or what kind of documents he has to prepare. Completely unprofessional, Richard Wayne is a lying baboon who doesn’t have the basic knowledge of litigation or law.

He should be appointed to fetch wood in the park. But even that would be difficult for the IQ level of Richard. He claims that he is an experienced lawyer but he doesn’t know shit. I wonder if he even can spell his name correctly. I am saying all this because Richard’s company cost my company a whopping $150,000. And this is when I’m excluding the $25,000 his firm had taken from my company for the litigation.

He is constantly lying about his expertise and experience. He is a fake lawyer and I can guarantee that. Due to his firm’s stupid mistakes and carelessness, I ended up losing one of my biggest clients. The situation was quite simple.

I had hired Richard’s firm for handling the legal affairs of my organization. A legal issue arose with one of my clients. And when it did, Richard handled it too poorly. It was a simple matter of late payment.

I wouldn’t go into many details but all I can say is, Richard was supposed to persuade the client and help us get our money. But he thought it would be better if we intimidated and threatened the client. He didn’t even consult anyone from my organization before making such a foolish and stupendous decision.

He tried to intimidate my client and guess what happened, the client stopped doing business with us completely. I reached out to them personally later on but it didn’t work. They were shocked to get such an unprofessional and unethical reaction from my company.

I have spent a lot of years building my company. I built my company with blood and sweat and it took a lot of hard work to make it a reputed organization. But all it took Richard was a few weeks and he shattered my company’s reputation completely. He tries to act smart but his over-smartness is the real reason why he is a depraved lawyer.

He doesn’t know the ABCs of litigation. He shouldn’t be allowed to practice law anywhere. There are a few good lawyers in his frim too but they are the only reason why his firm is still operating. Richard is cheating people and businesses by saying he is an expert in law. He is not. He is a fool and he lacks the ability to use his brain properly.

His website states he is an expert, which is a major lie. An expert would know how to handle a legal situation perfectly. When I asked him how I can make up for the losses he caused me, he simply laughed it off. What kind of neurotic mad man does that?

He puts a lot of effort into marketing his firm. If he put the same amount of effort into learning law, he would have been a much better lawyer with far more customers.

Losing that client proved to be a huge curse for my business. That client was worth over $150,000 and it was the first time when we had faced an issue in receiving a payment from them. That client was one of the best we ever had. They were already sorry for the delay in payment they had caused us. I clearly remember telling Richard to remind our client and persuade him to release payment.

This guy thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He is a lawyer but he didn’t hesitate in using an unprofessional and rude tone with my client. That client got so disheartened and hurt by the messages of Richard that he stopped working with us completely. They did pay us the due but that was the final transaction we ever did.

I have been able to melt the ice but they would no longer choose my company. And it’s all because of Richard’s lack of decency. When I had found his law firm online, I didn’t have any idea how depraved and careless this guy is in reality. Any little clue would have saved my life and helped me in getting ahead. But there wasn’t anything suspicious posted online.

To be honest, I didn’t care much about the few complaint posted on different websites about his firm when I was going to hire them. I had thought they were fake. Moreover, Richard’s firm has many ‘client testimonials’ which I now know are fake.

But at that time, they seemed legit and I was happy to find such a reputed and experienced litigator to work with. Even when his firm was working with us, he used to utter nonsense every now and then. I had overlooked that fact too because I took it as a joke. I didn’t know that this guy isn’t only stupid but he doesn’t have any brain to be stupid as well.

After losing $150,000 because of this lawyer and his firm, I have realized that the complaint posted on different websites are true. This guy really is a chimp. He is a huge danger to our society because of his dumbness. He doesn’t know anything about litigation but the people who arrive at his website don’t know that.

All they see is a smiling old guy, acting all professional, and claiming to be a lawyer since 1996. Those people don’t actually know that Richard is, in fact, a liar and a cheat. His firm charged me for the affairs they had handled while working with us. Even after they had caused me a loss of $150,000, I had to pay them $25,000.

Heed my advice:


Using Social Media to Clean the Mess

Even with his slow brain, Richard C. Wayne seems to understand the value of a social media presence. People all around the world are using social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. and scammers like Wayne use these platforms for two things only. 1) Increasing their reach and scamming more people 2) Clean their brand online. In the case of Richard C Wayne, he seems to use these social media platforms for clearing his image.

There are quite a lot of real reviews on this moron, those reviews are telling the truth about his litigation skills & experience and if his potential clients read them, they will never contact him or even consider him. I mean if I knew about his real skill levels I wouldn’t have wasted my resources on him.

Richard C. Wayne seems to use mainly two social media platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn. Both of these platforms have a large number of users and it is certainly beneficial for Wayne as he wants to clean up his reputation.


Richard C Wayne & Associates has a page on FB with a whopping 26 followers! I was not shocked when I visited his failure of a page because this retard certainly does not know how to even manage his own social media account. A 9-year-old can make a better FB page than his one.

Even though his page does not have much likes and followers, Richard C. Wayne has made sure that this page helps his reputation. As it shows up at 1 when you search the term “Richard C Wayne” on Facebook.


Richard seems to be the most active on LinkedIn. This social media website is considered the best for service providers and small businesses. And Richard knows that, so he has paid a professional expert to optimize his LinkedIn page.

Anyone who will visit his LinkedIn page is going to think he is a great lawyer and attorney. While in reality, he is literally one of the worst ones (if not the worst one) in Atlanta.

The Fake “Clients Reviews” of Richard C Wayne & Associates

Another thing that Richard C Wayne has done to hide his reality is to post fake client reviews on his website and Facebook page. There is a whole section named “Clients Reviews” which is full of totally fake reviews. He must have hired a freelance writer from Fiver to write a dozen fake reviews for him. You might be thinking about how I can be so sure that these reviews are not written by the clients of Richard C Wayne. For the proof, I have taken this screenshot of the testimonial page of Richard C Wayne’s website. There all the reviews have one thing in common, there is no proof of them being legit. As there is no proof that those reviews and insights are written by the customers of Richard C Wayne and not by a freelance writer.

This type of lying is just pathetic and is a criminal offence. He should provide valid proof that those testimonials are real and not fake. But he can’t do that, because those are not real. The level of stupidity this guy has is phenomenal.

His fake reviews let his firm attract more scapegoats and that’s a huge shame. That’s why I think it’s important to raise awareness Richard Wayne and his useless law firm.

Richard shouldn’t be a lawyer

He doesn’t deserve to be a lawyer. He is too foolish for that. I bet he cheated in all of his exams. Some might say, I’m being too offensive but I have talked to Richard and all the things that I say here are completely valid.

Richard doesn’t have any decency, professionalism, etiquettes or manners. He doesn’t even have any common sense or knowledge of his own profession. He is just a rich lawyer who has hired a bunch of greedy leeches so they can scam people together.

Look, I have already lost over $150,000 because of Richard and I didn’t want anyone else to suffer such a loss because of Richard as well. I hope this article opened your eyes and helped you see the true identity of this old fool.

Whenever you get some time to think, ponder this question:

Should he be allowed to practice law?


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