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Published: 04 December 2018

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Contractor has not met terms of contract and leaves behind a trail of unpaid subcontractors Contract was in the making for 4 weeks. The Builder (Richard T. Berio) and the owner, myself signed a contract valued at $12,500 which represents labor only to construct a single family dwelling. The contract which was primarily provided by the builder was slightly modified to represent the project. The contract was signed the day the work was agreed to start on May 13th, 2013. The progress has been slow and/or at a standstill for periods of time. I have written the builder multiple times and have been faced with a multitude of excuses, delay’s and deception. The builder has been paid for work that is still outstanding. I have been contacted by at least three sub-contractors all hired by R.T. Berio for work performed on my property and none of those three have been paid. The three contractors all claim that they call R.T. Berio but the phone reports it is out of service. One of the contractors determined through the phone service provider that their phone numbers have been blocked.Below is the last substantive email written to R.T. Berio on July11th, 2013. Mr. Berio sent a text assuring he would be onsite the next morning but never showed after several more broken promises during the day today; Rich,I am writing once again to address a serious concern pertaining to contract performance and our expectations. Today marks the expiration of two months of construction and although you have received the “3rd” payment the completeness of the framing is behind schedule, namely, the exterior walls (Gable ends) are not fully framed nor are the walls fully sheathed. To further complicate things the weather has been extremely wet and without sheathing the dwelling is starting to suffer damage. We have abated the mold forming in the basement as a result of the water leaking through the roof and 1st level subfloor but more water enters during each storm. As I have informed you the Mortgage Company can hold inspections twice a week that being on Sunday and Wednesday. We had a bank inspection held yesterday, on Wednesday and I was given a status hold until the contract is brought into compliance. This negatively affects my dealings with the other contractors and suppliers. We realize that you have had some personal issues to deal with such as your truck transmission, your Mother having a stroke and your recent hospital admission due to shooting a nail in your foot and we certainly expressed compassion but we also need to be able to hold you to managing the build of our house. I am not certain why you do not have a backup foreman or lead person that can manage a crew during your absence. I also have a hard time understanding why no one showed up at the site this week besides you on Monday for a few hours. This attendance seems to repeat itself and is counterproductive to all. Since the last disbursement of $2,500 on June 22nd, the attendance has been very sporadic. As explained to you before we agreed to enter into this contract that this project is our life’s effort and it has significant meaning to the future of my family. * Please provide documentation of the Liability and the Worker Compensation Insurance due under the contract. * Please provide a reasonable schedule with times of completion for this project. My goal is simply to get this house built ASAP and conclude our contract. An additional two weeks have passed without RT Berio performing any work. I did receive a vague email but it was meaningless. Three subcontractors still contacting me to determine Richards T, Berio’s status but I dont want to tell them last time he was seen he was driving a brand new 2013 Ford 4×4 F150. This contractor is heartless. Complaints are/were filed with, NH State Attorney General’s Consumer Division, Secretary of State and several SCAMMER sites. The SOS informs me that RT Berio CBuilding and Construction’s LLC was administratively dissolved by the State of New Hampshire. My family will be seeking criminal charges as well…

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