Riverside County Child Support & Family Court

Riverside County Child Support & Family Court Review

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I left my husband in 2004 due to severe mental and physical abuse. He filed for divorce and due to my lack of income and support, his family’s money and connections to the legal world, I was left with nothing. He took my kids (even my son from a previous marriage), my share of the household equity, and completely alientated me from my children. He filed to sue me for support when he thought I was going to remarry three years later. He has then continuously called the Riverside and ORange County child support offices to jack up the support amount every time he had some crazy issue with me and they let him do it. The child suport offices have reviewed and sued me over 20 times within the last few years. I had to move out of state to surivie by staying with family friends and was told that it’s my fualt that I was out of work in CA for over two years. He has also alienated my parents and siblings and moved without a forwarding address or any way to contact them. I have tried to plead my case and even had to send in my income and medical info with no results aside from them letting my ex have his way. I have cancer and even with the hundreds of pages of medical records I sent and income statements that showed zero income they came after me. As of Septmber of last year he has completely aliented my daughter from me and will not allow me to even speak to her. He is in direct contempt of our divorce order yet when I explain this to the courts and child support they do nothing. I do not even get e response. The state has also been holding over $1K from last years return that should have been applied to the support amount but has never been released. Child support tells me to call the IRS and the IRS tells me to call child support. No one seems to know why it’s out there and not applied to the amount owed. Bottom line is that my daughter has been brainwashed and wants nothing to do with me due to my ex and when I reach out to the services that are supposed to be available to people in my situation no one will help. They only want their money and to shut me up. I have tried to contact lawyers, courts, and other legal aid but I get no help from anyone because I am broke and trying to get back on my feet after a year of treatmnt and no money. I cannot even afford to live on my own so how am I supposed to pay support??Especially when he is in the wrong and the so called government will not protect me from his evil ways. If I can’t get this fixed within the next 8 months (meaning thousands of $$$$), I will lose my liscence and then wont be able to even work to pay them anything. I am so tired of being taken advantage of by “the court system”. I need help and I am sure others do too. Why wont anyone listen to me and help me and my daughter???? I am sick of being sued for money I don’t have, as well as being denied contact with my child. This system is more than broken.

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