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Published: 20 July 2019

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My name is Raymond Mendoza, and me and my wife Jessica Herrera have a four year old son by the name of E**** R**** Mendoza. On April 23, 2013 our son was taken away from us at the age of two years old by Deborah Biddle from the CPS of Riverside. Child protective services were informed of possible illegal activities involving my residence. They sent a squad of Moreno Valley Police to my front door with a search warrant regarding their “probable cause” tip off. A warrant with no precise or specified reasoning is what got them through our front door. The police officers found paraphernalia in the garage and in possesion of others that were in the house. Since the incident, Riverside CPS has failed in every aspect of this situation to uphold a fighting chance in our favor. We’ve been through three social workers from the same office and each one of them has not helped us get any closer to getting our son back. We’ve complied on our end and successfully completed our obligations to this case, but they have yet to meet the standards and expectations on their end. Their current accusations state that these illegal activities are still ongoing with no proof to show for, making us “unfit” parents, denying us to reclaim the custody rights to our son. From the beginning of the year 2010 up until todays current date, each of us have not received nor gained any new criminal charges. Throughout the few short years of our sons life, this case remains the only criminal history in those four years. We have successfully completed our required programming and have documented proof of our graduated completion. As parents, we have been denied and stripped of our rights in being able to show self-improvement and rehabilitation to overcome a fault mistake, and prove that we are good parents that have changed for the better. It has been over a year and a half and still we have not gotten any closer to reobtaining our custody rights. My mother in-law Yolanda Herrera was denied twice by Michelle Morrison for guardianship over my son. Even after she met all requirements and passed the home inspection twice, she was still denied due to the reasoning that it would be “dentrimental” to the situation, denying all her maternal rights with no options given. Then Kyndle Buffrd gives an implied reassurance to a family, that they will have no problems obtaining the custody of our son. For this social worker to even imply the fact that they hold any type of power that gives them right to thwart and control others rights as they see fit is astonishing. It’s demeaning beyond reason, to treat people like they have no worth to even speak for themselves, while being overlooked and having all efforts dismissed, like pointless actions that were a waste of time and did nothing to help get no where. Now, we have currently been informed that the family has further interest in adopting our son. So here we are, with our opposing arguement to this act of adoption. We intend to fight this notion against us all the way. As a social worker first off, they should always keep in mind and maintain the best interest of the child. This means making proper placement decisions if a childs living situation is seen to be unfit, due to any probable cause that may cause harm to the child in any manor. I was appauled by the response choice of one social worker assigned to our case. They confidently portrayed that no inconviences or problems should occur in this family’s process in adopting our son. Their choice of words were implying that me and my wife had less of a fighting chance, to the point of almost reassuring a guarantee in the persuasion of an automatic closed case. Before we even had the chance to speak upon our behalf with an opposing arguement Kyndle Buffrd passed on this “sense of comfort” to this family. I believe that there are always to sides to everything. It’s one thing to have two parents that show no effort and portray their carelessness, in which the childs well being is better off in anothers care. It’s another thing when you have two parents that awknowledge their mistake, and are showing countless efforts in their improvement and giving the statement “we will do whatever it takes to get our son back” its depth in meaning to prove and back up those words. So, for all those bias social workers not caring whos family they impact and ruin forever, because its just an hourly waged income to them. We need to shed some light on these cases and attend to the areas that are not being attended to. Fighting for the rights to my child is a battle we refuse to lose. We will have our concerns addressed in the manor they should be, or we will keep fighting for our right to be heard. We will have justice brought to those given power that abuse it by neglecting anyones civil rights to be heard.

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