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Published: 18 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My experiences with Roecy are very similar to the other report on this site about Roecy. Based on an iron-clad written guarantee (yes, I have the emails), I purchased several collectible stamp lots from Roecy in March 2015. One “lot” consisted of 8 boxes. Two of these boxes contained old sweepstakes entries from a contest in Florida in 1979. These were postcards and 3 X 5 cards with people’s names and addresses. Another box contained moldy and musty smelling envelopes from a machinery company with 1 Cent cancellations. Totally worthless due to the odor. Another box had a bunch of old cancelled stamps. True, there were several albums–very cherry-picked of any good stamps. And, there were several decent collections if you collect Liechtenstein and San Marino type stamps. However, the “lot” was adverstised as: “Wonderful Instant Profit Making Opportunity”. I suppose if you were a garbage recycler, 4 of the 8 boxes could get you $2 for waste paper. And, as for the other items in this lot, there was no way to make any “profit” from reselling anything–it was a total loss. The second lot I got was 2 boxes. Again, highly exaggerated. It was advertised as “Tremendous Roecy opportunity with several collections and holdings”. It turned out to be cherry-picked albums, several envelopes with a maybe 20-40 stamps from various countries, etc. When questioned, Cyril said there was a valuable “US Collection” in these boxes which was untrue. It was a “Heritage Collection” (similar to Postal Commemorative Society type collections) which go for maybe $150 tops on Ebay. I DID decide to keep two of the “lots” I bought but truly one was highly exaggerated. Cyril said the original investor spent “$19,000” on this collection and when I got it, the original owners calculator tape showed his “cost” at $1900″ — a ten fold embellished difference. Reluctantly, I kept this lot as I can use some of the stamps and hope to at least cut my loss by selling a few on Ebay. There was also one “lot” that he never sent! Later in my dispute process he tried to say that this lot was in an envelope in the bottom of one of the other boxes I had returned. Really? I’m not stupid. I went throught the lots carefully to see if there were any redeeming qualities and would have certainly noticed if a “lot” from New Zealand described as “Fabulous New Zealand” was just thrown in with other boxes. I believe he either lied or was sorely mistaken. Ok, now the complaint. I invoked my “iron-clad” guarantee from Cyril on the first two lots. He said he’d print Fedex return labels and send them to me so I could return the boxes. When I didn’t get these labels, I called and was told they had a software problem issuing return labels so I should return them myself. Clearly this should have been HIS expense since he admitted he had a labeling problem but I couldn’t get a refund unless I sent them back so guess what I had to do? Right, MY expense. It took Cyril over two weeks to “inspect” the boxes to be sure I sent everything back and I have his emails showing this was done. Then, follow up, after follow up and follow up to ask about my refund. Oh, did I mention that he didn’t even SEND the New Zealand lot and kept my money the entire time ($472)? Then, weeks of excuses like “there is a problem between paypal and may bank but I’m working diligently on your refund” and similar excuses. Then, “I’m going on a trip outside the country but you are my priority.” Then, weeks later, “seems the problem between paypal and my bank was because I didn’t have enough money in my account–will you take small payments on your refund?” And, the late addtion of “I’m working on it, but will deduct 15% for restocking fees–a fee NEVER mentioned anywhere on any email, any phone call or even his Ebay site.” Again, I have all the many emails and documentation for everything I’m writing. You have to be kidding. He had his product back, AND my money (over $6500) and he wanted me to take installments on what should have been refunded 2+ months earlier. Finally, I gave up dealing with this business and owner. I made a complaint about him to Paypal since my purchase had gone through that system. After 9 days, he offered a compromise of about $2400 out of my $6500! Talk about adding insult to injury. Why would I let him keep over $4000 of my money for NOTHING?? I refused this offer. Paypal, acting as intermediary, got him to increase his “compromise” to all but the postage I had to pay to return the boxes. I was so exhausted dealing with this man that I said ok. Bottom line is that it took OVER two months for me to get my refund. Final Warning: BE WARY of Roecy and his exaggerated claims. Even on his Ebay site, virtually every listing he shows has some fantastic adjective to describe the merchandise. Just looking today, he says these are “fantastic, fabulous, massive, extraordinary, vibrant, powerful, etc.etc. Perhaps some may be accurate but certainly NOT the ones I bought (outside of Ebay through a separate email). And, god forbid, if you are not happy with your purchase and try to get a refund, do NOT let him delay you indefinitely as he tried to do to me. Instead, contact your credit card issuer if you paid that way, or invoke Paypal or Ebay refund policies. .

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