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This place is just horrible, HORRIBLE!

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Lucille

Dr. Rogers is a dangerous dentist who does unnecessary procedures on kids! He installed 2 additional dental caps in my 7-year old’s teeth without even asking me! Don’t trust Roger Family Dental, the clinic is full of vicious criminals. If you really want to get good dental services then go someplace else.

I had taken my 7-year old daughter to Roger Family Dental a few months ago. They did a checkup on her and told me that he needed to install a dental cap. Note that they had only discussed the installation of one dental cap. I was surprised to hear that they wanted to install a dental cap at all. Because I didn’t think children needed dental caps. They have so many milk teeth after all. But the dentists at Roger Family Dental were really serious about installing a dental cap in her mouth. They told me that it’d help her to maintain proper dental health in the long-term and it’d help her in avoiding infections too. I was convinced and so, I agreed to get her one dental cap.

Those monsters installed 3 DENTAL CAPS! They were supposed to install one and they installed three!!! That’s a lot. They charged me $9,000 for the entire installation. I was shocked to see those 2 additional crowns in my baby’s mouth. I asked them about it and they told me that they did what was necessary. Those people deliberately installed 2 useless dental caps. My girl didn’t need them. They did this so they can create a huge invoice and fill their filthy pockets. I can’t explain my anger at that time. Dr. Roger said a lot of things to convince me but I was really skeptical. I didn’t think it was okay for my daughter to have 3 crowns in her teeth installed so early. The dentists here do unnecessary procedures on kids so I’d strongly advise you to avoid this place. this place isn’t safe or reliable. WHne I told those people that I’d be filing a complaint about them they got all defensive. They’ve been calling me multiple times a day since that incident. I’m not going back there ever again. I’m suspecting that they haven’t installed the crowns properly too. My daughter still feels some pain in her teeth. Now, I’m looking for some other pediatric dentistry where the dentist really listens to the parents. I’ve also read on a bunch of reviews that the dentist doesn’t treat the kids properly. I’m guessing they would’ve treated my daughter badly too if I hadn’t agreed to those dental crowns. Again, I’d recommend you to go someplace else and find a dentist who is reliable and trustworthy. What kind of dentist ruins the teeth of a kid like that? If my daughter really needed 3 dental crowns, couldn’t they have discussed it with me? Instead of asking me for consent, they deliberately and forcefully installed 2 additional dental caps. They are crooks.

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