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Published: 24 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company is the WORST. On their website, they advertise no hidden fees, and no overtime. It sounded great, so I filled out an online form and received a free, online quote of $376 for three guys and a truck for three hours. The next day, I received a phone call from the owner, a man named Andrew (I later found out that was not his name) who told me that I needed to pay a $99 deposit to hold the three hour window I needed, and I would be expected to pay $276 after the move. The truck and three seemingly very nice young men (Shawn, John, and Jerrell) arrived 15 minutes early. They worked very fast during the first hour and a half, then two of them disappeared for 30 minutes and one sat down and waited for them to come back and finish moving. Jerrell, who sat for 30 minutes straight, talked non-stop about how terrible his boss is and how he rips people off and how he is going to start his own company. I felt bad for them all because it seemed like they were being really mistreated by their boss. They really seemed like good kids, just a bit unprofessional. I asked Jerrell how old he was, and said, “”25.”” That explained it. They were just young and right out of college. They FINALLY finish loading up my things and we drive less than a half mile to my new apartment home, and they unload a few boxes. Then, Jerrell brings me the bill of $607 and tells me that I was charged for the drive from their shop to my apartment, then to the new place, then also for the trip back to their shop! Plus, they wrapped some of my things (taped others, which left TERRIBLE tape marks on my antique furniture). They charged me hundreds of dollars for this and never told me about a fee until it was already done. So, I call “”Andrew”” (his employees tell me that his name is actually Demetrius, and he’s from Russia – and Jerrell decided he would mock his boss’ accent nearly the entire move). “”Andrew”” turned into the rudest person, ever. He said that the reason I was disputing the charges is because I was poor and didn’t have the money, and that’s why I was moving into a one-bedroom apartment. He told me that if I didn’t pay the $607 bill, he would instruct his movers to stop unloading and take the rest of my belongings (which still included all of my furniture) to a storage facility and I would be charged for the trip and a storage rental fee. The guys warned me not to argue with their boss, because when customers do that, he ends up charging them more, and then I would never get my stuff. “”He’s an asshole, and a crook,”” they kept saying. I then discovered that one mover had broken my $300 sound bar, so I called “”Andrew”” back and he told me that it wasn’t his responsibility to pay for the damage because it was not wrapped. I had to give these kids $500 in cash, on top of my $99 deposit, in order to get my things that were being held hostage. It was a good cop/bad cop game. After they left, as I unpacked, I discovered that many of my antique and crystal dishes had been broken from them slamming boxes down. Upon closer inspection, they put scratches in the hardwood floor and dented and scratched my antique furniture. To make matters worse, two days later, they somehow, they charged my card $99, again! So they got me for $700 total!!! I texted Jerrell, notifying him that I was charged a second time and I planned to call the police. His reply: “”Enjoy.”” Whatever that means. (?!) I have never encountered crooks like this in my life. Whatever you do, DO NOT hire these guys. They are scam artists. .

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