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Published: 13 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

The Roosevelt Lofts is a DEPLORABLE place to live. HEALTH HAZARDS, HORRENDOUS MANAGEMENT, CONSTANTLY UNDER REPAIR/MAINTENANCE, FAULTY ELEVATORS, UNSAFE, AND RIPS OFF TENEANTS FOR THEIR SECURITY DEPOSITS! PLEASE LOOK AT MY PICTURES TO SEE FULL PROOF OF WHAT A HORRENDOUS PLACE THIS IS! KEY POINTS you WON’T notice when they’re showing you around their lovely apartment: 1.) HUGE DUST ISSUES! I was sick the majority of the time I lived here with constant terrible allergies, chronic headaches, and facial congestion. The last 4 months there was so bad I was unable to get my work done and was literally at the doctor’s office trying new medication every weekend. I work from home so it REALLY affected me, so bad that I could no longer run the AC and had to take medicine for allergies and headaches EVERYDAY! Ironically the day I moved into my new place ALL of those issues immediately stopped! This old building has MAJOR ISSUES, I’ve seen some of the filters that maintenance took out and they were CAKED with dust and hair! I already had an idea that it was this building that was causing all of my sudden health issues, and once I saw the filter it hit me that this place has MAJOR issue. I’m very concerned about possible Abestos and other health hazards that are festering in this old building. Also, the windows were NEVER CLEANED once the entire year we lived there! 2.) THE “BUSINESS CENTER” NEVER worked! The internet’s always down and no staff member will ever reset the modem for WEEKS at a time, the printer NEVER had any ink & was not connected to the internet. I remember on two separate occasions when the printer was out of ink and unable to connect to the internet for over a MONTH each time! When they’re showing you this fabulous amenity, just stop them for a second and ask if you can test out a computer, try to connect, or even print something. I GUARANTEE YOU it will NOT work! 3.) THE VALET PARKING: ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE,! They reconfigured it where everyone coming & going has to use the same TINY exit onto the one way off Flower. This makes it incredibly dangerous to pull out without hitting a pedestrian around the blind corner! This is a HIGHLY congested area, you have to be extremely careful as you’re leaving!The first month I moved in my battery was completely DEAD on a year old old Mercedes because Valet continuously left my lights on every time they parked it! I had to put duct tape over my light switch with a note for them and they STILL did it! (SEE PICTURES) 4.) THE ELEVATORS: ! Besides me getting TRAPPED inside one for over 30 minutes…,THAT’S RIGHT! We always were suspicious of the middle elevator as it always SHOOK every time we used it, but it’s the third elevator closest to the glass doors that TRAPPED me on the 5th floor for over 30 minutes with my dog! Even with cameras in the elevator the concierge and staff DID NOT see me banging on the doors screaming for help!!!??? Then when they did realize I was in there (after I called my boyfriend and had HIM call the fire department, the staff actually sent them AWAY because they couldn’t tell them which elevator I was in!! REALLY?! (SEE PICTURES) The elevators NEVER work, 1 is guaranteed to be under repair at all times, ANOTHER is constantly “reserved” for moving tenants! When they do work, they’re the SLOWEST you’ve ever seen! I’ve literally waited up to 5 minutes for one! 5.) MAINTENANCE REQUESTS- You will have to tell leasing your maintenance request an average of 5 TIMES before it’s ever done! I usually waited a week at a time for each request! The elevators were in such bad shape, and so slow that we opted in hike the 7 floors instead of risk being trapped in another elevator. (SEE PICTURES) 6;) CONSTANT water interruptions and FIRE ALARM TESTS going off all the time!! (SEE PICTURES) 7.) HUGE RATE INCREASES! On top of the already expensive rent, they raised ours by $200 and parking by 50%! Are you kidding me?? So you’ll now be paying $150 PER parking spot! Our rent went from $1,969 to over $2,200 (NOT including parking or utilities!) 8.) YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT: Good luck getting that back! We paid $750 for our security deposit. We got back a NEGATIVE AMOUNT! First of all, I spoke with Jack AKA “Joshua S” and told him I was going to have our apartment professionally cleaned the last day of move out. But of course he didn’t tell me not to worry about getting cleaners because NO MATTER WHAT they will still bring in their “cleaners” and charge you $140! So on top of spending $160 to hire cleaners, I was fined $140 for their cleaners! (SEE PICTURES) Next, they WILL charge for paint, It DOES NOT MATTER if the paint is perfect, you will be charged $280 NO MATTER WHAT for this! They charged us $200 for door repair? The door was perfect when we lived there! I called the next day after receiving not our deposit, but a BILL and asked why there was a door repair fee, They could not answer me and told me they would call me back in 20 minutes, that was 3 days ago and no call back, typical! (They ONLY respond through Yelp to make themselves look better. If you look at the Yelp reviews you will see childish responses from a mysterous ‘Joshua S” who is a fake alias. I know who it really is but I’ll save that info for small claims court, we’ll just go with JACK. It IS a person in the leasing office and they know who they are!) I added these photos and review on Yelp and Joshua S AKA Jack, responded by making up false allegations that I did not have my apt porfessionally cleaned (See pictures for proof) and that I left it filthy! He also alleged that my dog destroyed the door and several other false statements. I put the pictures up of all the documentation regarding the countless issues I had here and guess what? Jack had them removed! Of course he did because it shows what aholes they were and COMPLETELY negats their story!!! This place is an absolute NIGHTMARE! Read the other REAL reviews and save yourself time, money, and your health and DON’T MOVE HERE.

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