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Published: 27 June 2019

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This, coming from me, an ex-employee of this trash company. Rosland Capital is one of the leading metal asset management firms. The firm dells different metals in the physical form. Based in Los Angeles, California, Rosland Capital offers a wide range of products. Thus private company dealt with precious metals and was founded in 2008. Rosland Capital provides services around three areas, United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. It deals with gold, silver and precious metals.


Who is Rosland Capital? 

If you are looking forward to getting some financial help, Rosland Capital wouldn’t  be the right choice to make. Rosland Capital was founded in 2008. 

It has over a decade of experience. And its owners are using it to scam innocent people. Through misleading advertising and ‘too good to be true deals’, they are ripping people off.

Marin Aleksov, the CEO of the company claims to have a 20-year experience in the professional field of the metal industry. He states that his experience has boosted him to provide the right credibility to the business.

Since the company is spread across three countries, it also has headquarters around three different places. Well, Rosland Capital is extremely popular among people for it is heavily advertised on several radio and TV shows. Several professional celebrities have tied up with the organization as well such as Bill O’Reilly, William Revane and G. Gordon Liddy.

Rosland Capital also works with a staff economist, Jeffrey Nichols who offer investment advice to clients. Apart from that the economist also offers advice to the company regarding the growth. Initially, Rosland began selling gold to the clients. Now, they have been dealing with different precious metals. They offer IRAs as well.

To set up the gold IRA, the customer will need to pay a startup fee of $50 and an annual charge of $75. Extra storage costs may be applied as well. The storage fees comprise of $100 with commingled holdings and $150 for segregated holdings.

I’ll share my experience as well as the experience of other dissatisfied customers of this company. This way you can understand how terrible these people really are. 


What does Rosland Capital offer?

Like any other good investment company, Rosland Capital too puts a major focus on the value of hold, as it has a more stable financial value. Compared to other forms of investments such as treasury bonds, mutual funds and stocks, gold is a better decision to make. It is much better than inflation. Based on the current economic situation, gold has a much higher value.

Rosland Capital through Gold and precious metal IRAs helps to maintain the price and value of the product effectively. This helps you to maintain your wealth for a longer period of time. Rosland Capital has a lot of things to offer in terms of choosing such as hard coins, and premium collectibles. When it comes to IRAs, Rosland Capital offers a lot of eligible precious metals like numismatic coins. Usually, the shipping time with Rosland Capital is around 14 business days.

Rosland Capital claims to safeguard your future on the financial assets such as gold, silver and all precious metals. The company claims to provide the best customer service. However they promise to provide the best service with all the detailed information. There isn’t much increase in the price; Rosland Capital promises to provide you the best service. But they don’t keep their promise.


Should you be investing in precious metals?

As per the claims of Rosland Capital, “Through market crises and economic downturns, gold has stood the test of time as a reliable store of wealth, especially in unstable times.” They further added, “Protect your hard-earned savings, no matter the state of world affairs, by including a gold-backed IRA in your portfolio.”

This is one of the most important things to take into consideration. If you are considering investing in gold, you need to have a diversified portfolio so that you can easily purchase hold and other metals. Nonetheless, the precious metals come with an inherent value because of the goods. There is, eventually a significant difference between stocks and the general metals.

Even if the stock market crashes, the value of precious metals would remain unaffected. Hence your value would eventually be diversified. Nonetheless, the value of precious metals stays at the constant swing to. Various factors may contribute towards the fluctuations in the price of these metals such as political scenario, stock market scenario and economic volatility.

Despite the fluctuations in the market, investing in precious metals is far more valuable than investing in the stock market. One guarantee that precious metals investment is that you will definitely earn money over the short and long term.

While precious metals seem like a good investment, companies like Rosland Capital put a bad name to this investment tool. People fall prey to these scammers, and they begin to think it’s bad to invest in precious metals. 


Should you trust Rosland Capital?

Even though there are a lot of things to take into consideration for Rosland Capital, they may not be as efficient as they prove to be. Well, no matter how many benefits or positive sides they show regarding the workings of Rosland Capital, there are certain points which you may not like about Rosland Capital. Some of these points are as follows

  • Dishonest Agents

If you check online reviews before investing with Rosland Capital, I must say that you will be disappointed. A huge number of customers have often expressed their anger over the dishonest service by the agents. Many have often claimed that the agents charge you unnecessarily and that too significant commission rates. Moreover, based on the tactics, the customers may also be prone to become a victim of different deceptive sales tactics.

  • Shared storage

One essential thing to note about Rosland Capital is that all the precious metal investments are placed with shared storage. A lot of companies have done the segregation to ensure complete faith from the clients. Well, Rosland Capital fails to do so which eventually may be disappointing for the clients.

  • Several complaint

If you check the online reviews, you will surely be disappointed because there are several negative reviews about Rosland Capital online. Most of the verified websites have negative complaint registered against them. Most of the complaint are about slow shipping, poor customer service, extra or hidden charges and false advertising.

Even if Rosland Capital appears to be positive for you, at a certain point you will surely be disappointed mostly because of their service. Despite receiving the A+ result, they fail to provide quality service to the clients.


My Experience with Rosland Capital

I have had a pretty bad experience with Rosland Capital in terms of service and the quality of management. After selling off my property, I had some funds with me. Since I was uncertain of where to spend it, I thought investing in precious metals would be a better idea for it will help me get better returns in the future.

I was just looking out for places regarding where should I invest when a close relative of mine advised me about Rosland Capital. Since the company was famous, I thought I should give it a try and without any second thought, I did. Also, who wouldn’t believe a company for whom William Devane features in the TV spot. Also, I had never dealt with precious metals, so I was completely unaware of how things work. Also, I had no idea about the prices too.

After a lot of consideration, I finally decided to reach out to the concerned authority of Rosland Capitals. Well, I was lined up with one of the agents and throughout our discussion, he was adamant on only one fact that he would check the availability of his vault. Not even once did he bother to ask me how much I was willing to spend. Undoubtedly, it was very disappointing. Another thing that I did not like about the guy that he was constantly pushing us into the deal.

While I was just inquiring and trying to understand, he was constantly trying to force us or rather lure us into the place. Not only did he explain us one deal but guided us through other deals as well about metal investment. While we should be allowed the freedom to inquire, the agent was the one who was continuously asking us how much we are willing to invest and more. This, at one point, got pretty frustrating.

After a detailed conversation over the call with the agent, we finally decided to purchase gold coins. Well, the gold coins that were sold to us cost less than $1500 each. The silver one appeared quite appealing but it wasn’t worth it for it appeared old and used. Our worst experience about the deal was that we paid him $60,000 for a deal that has an actual worth less than $35,000.

The most disappointing part was when we received our precious metals. What they said and what they sent had a hell and heaven difference. As soon as we received the metals, we started comparing it with our known ones. To our utter shock and disappointment, we were conned for the precious metals weren’t worth it at all.

As we were skeptical about the quality of metal, I decided to reach out to our local jewelry guy. Even the guy had the same reaction about the poor quality of jewelry. Being shocked and furious, my first attempt was to reach out to them as soon as possible. Hence, I tried calling them a few times, but neither the company not the agent was responding to my calls. I had even written a mail to them but shockingly, they did not reply back. I left them a voice message asking them to call me back.

Finally, after a week they did give me a callback. Since I knew it was a sensitive matter, I decided not to shout at them. I would like to thank the agent who responded to my call and was very calm throughout the entire process. Once I was done, he explained to me that the entire process was out of my hands so he transferred my call to his senior. Again, I had to explain my problem to the senior.

After careful listening to my senior, the reaction of the senior baffled us. He repeatedly tried to divert us from the topic. I knew something was wrong and so I was stuck to my claims. Finally, he did say that the company would respond to my claims in a few days. I waited for five days precisely and did not hear anything from them. Annoyed I decided to launch a complaint against them on the BBB portal.

Somehow Rosland Capital managed to convince BBB that it wasn’t theirs but my fault. Like a plated lie, they even denied sending the poor quality metals. Soon, BBB removed my complaint as well and gave those frauds a clean chit. Honestly, I am really annoyed at the kind of service BBB provided.

My expectations from Rosland Capital were pretty high. We wanted to earn money and secure our future. As per the claims of Rosland, they help to secure the future of people. Well, in my case, they entirely conned me and took away whatever I had. Since BBB has decided to remove the complaint, I will seek out other legal ways to sue this company. Today, it is me and some other day, it would be somebody else. I had worked hard and spent a significant amount of time in saving the money. The frauds, Rosland Capital however took the money in a fraction of seconds. I am adamant that I wouldn’t let them go so easily.


Are there others like me?

I am pretty sure that Rosland Capital has been deceiving people off their money from the beginning itself. Well, I decided to do in-depth research regarding them after they duped me off my money. What I found through other online reviews left me shocked. Oh, how I wish that I had researched a little about the company before planning to invest. Truly the negative points overpowered the positive ones, which were pretty disappointing.

One of the customers said, “The name of this company should be Snake’s Gold! I would recommend anyone to steer clear of doing business with this company. They might look good on paper, or sound good on the radio, but the bottom line is they don’t perform, and they sure as hell don’t deliver. My next step is to take legal action and tell Marin to stop cheating me!”

Not only one, but there are others too. Another customer came forward to say, “I had agreed to the transaction and they had a recording. The salesman representing them was named Vince. Be aware. I had asked them to buy them back the gold as their TV add states at the time. Of course, they would not. I can hardly stand to watch their TV add. Pinnochio award of the century should go to this company. What a bunch of crooks.”


What are the cons of Rosland Capital?

While initially, it may seem to be pretty tempting to invest in metals, over time it can get confusing. If our claims haven’t satisfied you, some of the prominent reasons why you shouldn’t be working with Rosland Capital are given below.

Rosland has pretty high commission fees accompanied by certain hidden charges which will boost up the money. As soon as the customers sign up, they wouldn’t know but the price would keep increasing significantly. The most significant reason for high fees would be the fluctuating market. You will need to spend labor on maintenance as well.

They are not efficient with their caller service. One major problem with them is that they do not call back and are pretty hard to reach. They may charge you a lot of fees unnecessarily, which can make you frustrated over time.

One major problem with Rosland Capital has been their inability to explain and be clear to their audience. Since precious metals is a very new field, not everyone is accustomed to it. Hence as a company, they should be providing even the basic knowledge to the clients which they completely fail to do. Rosland Capital should be a little more responsible and spread awareness regarding the process to spend in the precious metals.


Is Rosland Capital the right company for you?

Despite being in the industry for more than a decade, Rosland Capital has failed to deliver the kind of service required. Comparatively, the company has more negative reviews online than positive ones which eventually breaks down anybody’s morale.

Even though they claim on their website that they strive to provide all the advanced and basic knowledge, they do not do so. Neither does the website contain sufficient information, nor are the employees ready to impart knowledge. Moreover, you are at a high risk of losing whatever you have earned.

If you are confused about investing in real estate properties, you should prefer reaching out to experts who can guide you through the process. Moreover, the precious metals can be a significant industry and hence you may need to consult a financial planner whether or anything wrong is being done with them. Your financial planner will, however, be more helpful than Rosland Capital.

Rosland Capital is a big scam. Before you invest with them, you should research a bit for it will make it easier for you to determine whether or not you should be spending on it. Rosland Capital indulges in a lot of fraud activities which can cause a lot of trouble.



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