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Ross Cameron - Warrior Trading - Yes, it is a SCAM !

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Published: 02 August 2019

Posted by: Jane

Don’t let them make a fool out of you.

Financial brokers have been stained so atrociously over the years that have made people reconsider their trading choices over a range of tests and verifications. Despite these facts, the businesses of trading rooms have been under constructive grounds and have been thriving constantly by preying over the meaty dumb goats who ought to take up the trading faculty to multiply their investments in short periods. First, we need to understand, what trading rooms are and after what precedent they percolate.



 Day Trading has been and still counts as a hotline for buying and selling. It is an archetype of trading involving moderators who account on purchasing a certain commodity; which is then ‘shouted-out’ by the very moderator. At first glance, this seems perplexing for a rookie to understand how this extends onto being spam in the first place. If explained in a sentence, this seems to be how a moderator promotes a certain product at its purchase and how effective that promotion counts in raising the bid of the product; which is then the success of the moderator only. This article shall be discussing not only the drawbacks of the operation of trading rooms but will also put its primary focus on the ‘gurus’, the czars of trading operations that are feeding over such trading services. Such an example of such gurus is the Warrior Trading; which is a website ran by a former architect Ross Cameron.  

Ross’s style of trading, when analyzed, was concluded to be very effective. Everything seemed fine at the start, but its dissolution revealed certain impacting consequences; with a capitalist approach filling and funding the colossal pockets of stockbrokers such as Ross himself. Ross Cameron specializes in a specific style of ‘trading with low float stocks with higher momentum’. The choice of picking low float stocks is in itself a very clever choice; which is related to the number of outstanding shares. Ross has sought to discover that high floating stocks had certain defects in terms of profiting. High floats serve shares outstanding; with a sizable liquid stock with tight spreads. With such a market spread, it seems clear why there is a very impoverished cost spread in the product. Ross discovered ‘slippage’ more evident and efficacious in low float stocks. Here is why this has happened.

 It has been seen and discussed against Tim Sykes over how he has taken his trading services to heights of popularity and how beautifully he has taken advantage of this popularity which then made problems for him regarding his survival in the trading industry. It became his way of initiating a light trading stock which was then announced to his subscribers; resulting in the subscribers trampling over each other, increasing the demand of that very stock. This created distortion in the prices which was a win-win for Tim Sykes only. A very similar case is developed against Ross Cameron’s site where a moderator buys a product over a certain price; which is then recommended by the very moderator to be bought at a large scale. This recommendation and the heightened demand for the very product can give a substantiating percentage rise in the retailing price of the product. That is the reason why Ross Cameron considered working with low float stocks; which if perfectly altercated resulted in a good price jump. Hence, it is the win of the moderator; in this case, a win of Ross Cameron.


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Please provide you Trading DOM’s

To avoid the nepotism present in this version of trading, there has been some remedy present to it. Trading DOM’s; this is a price ladder displaying the exact prices, allows the entries and exiting of the products and shows the precise spread in the value of the product. That can be regarded as the real-time display of the profits gained through trading rooms. This can be regarded as ‘transparency’ within the system, yet Ross never provided that information when asked.

 Some might regard this ‘inquiring’ of information as breaching of personal space where it ‘isn’t necessary for the broker to show out his “business” to the world.’ (Laughs) This statement can be appropriate regarding showing personal information and account numbers. Over the question of the protection of personal information, the report provides information about the redaction of such data which can be hidden from the DOM reports. Regardless of this, financial brokers do display a nightly report of trading activity; giving a real-time display of the profiting and losing. When Ross Cameron was asked for the DOM report; he has been typically ignoring the emails he was sent. They were seen and read by him yet (which was being monitored) yet he denied reading any such emails. In short, he hasn’t been providing even a smirk of information over the issue at hand and has been particularly denying any such demand from him over any emails. After the emails, he was again demanded to show a days’ worth trading activity; in comparison to the nightly report of trading activities by other brokers. Ross again dodged with a load of excuses of not getting any such messages which were a clear depiction of his criminal mindset of malfeasance.  This is just the start.


A Picture as an Account Statement

 Another try on getting the account statement for monitoring the trading activity was inquired but with a female identity. This was performed over the facts as it was said that females were handled with a different approach as compared to another gender.  Over the request of an account statement, a picture from the smartphone was sent which was not even near to any ‘real-time’ information. Trading software now can replay the mode on a simulated account which provides a route on having a sight over the market, which can be moved back again to enter any entries and exits’ information. In the case of Ross Cameron, when the proof was demanded from a trading vendor; he has been replying with some sort of picture from a smartphone. This is undoubted, a complete fake and fraud. These demands are no near to being wrong, as many trading vendors do provide the people with this information. This is a clear description of how we might see Warrior Trading as a proper operating scam; which can be used for targeting rookies in the trading market.   


OK, I am Done!

 It became very easy for Ross to slaughter people like goats in a market order with his everlasting tactic of blindfolding people. At a certain point, it doesn’t seem wrong as he has been proclaiming something out of the market order. But this requires an explanation. While being in a market order, there is no warning over the rising stocks with Ross in it; along with no pre-discussion by Ross over moving for the stock. With just a certain announcement of “OK, I am half long”; Ross doesn’t even let the people in the market stock know the number of shares he has received or earned; therefore keeping his side clean as ever. People, in this man-slaughter and with no knowledge over the market, just sit there with their trades and are never told to either move in or out which results in the market moving against them. This forces them to leave the market stock; resulting in slaughter for them. While Ross, on the other hand, gets the money and doesn’t even need to publicize it.


But… Positive Reviews?

It isn’t an understatement and neither a hate statement from anyone who has suffered over the hands of the Warrior Trading, but this company uses positive reviews which are undoubted fakes affiliation from students and subordinates. Warrior Trading allegedly hires people for giving reviews; who flag the negative reviews on different sides with “verified purchases.” Henceforth, Ross hasn’t left even a single way to expose his work by keeping everything on track and under his eyes.


Sorry. No refunds.

 It isn’t new to see websites and companies refusing to pay refunds over a certain issue. These companies are known to manipulate their customers and lead them to a place where they won’t be providing any refunds to them. In certain cases, they display very unethical behavior and unprofessionalism by not even responding to refunding emails and calls. This, we might say is the lowest way of getting money out of the clients. The clients, by law, have every right to question for a refund; which needs to be answered. Yet, we are here to discuss how Warrior Trading keeps them away from providing any refund to their customers.

 It is the right of the customer to get a refund within the three days of purchase. This issue usually came with the different courses offered where clients took these courses to get to know more about the trading activities. Many cases have been reported discussing how the company refused to pay refunds back to their customers. It is pretty exciting to see the response of the Warrior Trading and their officials that they weren’t paying heed to what the law had to say over the refunding policy with a challenge that they can fight over any case they want to, with the team of lawyers they had with them. Apart from such occurrences, it also happened at certain places that the company canceled the orders and freeze the accounts of the customer; who when demanded a refund wasn’t even responded. It seemed as if they performed a total blackout against them.

It also came into consideration when the website was analyzed part by part. The “Warrior Trading 30-day refund Guarantee” was another fraud that was started within the site by Ross Cameron. Over analyzing different cases and observing the technique, it was concluded with a consensus that the terms set for fulfilling the refund policy were impossible to complete; with the ability to cover all the courses in the first 30 days. It is clear and evident to everyone that this sub-demon within this monstrous site has a complete deceptive, fraudulent and worthless picture which is a mere trap for anyone who puts himself up for it. This makes us clear the Warrior Trading has been here just for the money; showing their expertise in marketing and making a ‘fool’ out of the people. 



How we can see this discussion resulting in concluding is a consensus over the fact of the amount of ‘fraud’ this Warrior Trading and Ross Cameron have been. As we unfolded different perspectives of the sites, it became clear to us how they have to work to make this fraud a foolproof process. It might seem a bit deceptive at first, but we concluded the article with this statement that this very version of trading through this site is a complete fraud and will only tend to slaughter you with the advantage only for the owner and owner only. It is highly regarded in certain cases by professionals that the trade market isn’t a good option to opt for until and unless you intend to have a clever mind while handling issues of the market. If you are a person with even a single loophole who intends to work in the market, you’d only result as a scapegoat to their money-grabbing intentions. It is easy falling prey to someone whilst being in the market. Hence it has always been regarded by certain people in and outside the market to be very cautious of such scams working to sucking the maximum profit out of them. These companies are needed to be set accountable for the work they have been doing, as this not only is ethically immoral but is a clear violation of the rights as regarded in the very law of the United States itself. This can result to be a complete disaster for them, which they need to very careful of.



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