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Published: 19 May 2018

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Ross University School of Medicine – Overview Before you read this, it is the opinion of this author that anything that is published by Ross University is not credible. Ross University School of Medicine is a Caribbean medical school, owned and operated by DeVry Inc, a publicly traded company that owns many online Universities, including two for-profit medical schools in the Caribbean, the American University of Caribbean (AUC) and Ross University School of Medicine(RUSM). DeVry Inc. is currently being investigated by the offices of the attorneys general of Illinois and Massachusetts for its use of student loans, its compensation practices, and accounting malpractice. The company has also been under several investigations by both federal and state authorities in the past. Based on published reports by DeVry Inc. Ross University School of Medicine’s attrition rate is about 10 times (27% vs. 3%) that of medical schools operating in the US. Furthermore, of those students remaining, only 52% graduate on time. But the actual attrition rate is much higher since the stated rate can neither be verified nor can it be trusted. The company has also been under several investigations by both federal and state authorities in the past. There have been many lawsuits filed by students against Ross University and its parent company, DeVry Inc., and even many more against DeVry Inc. alone. But the voices of Ross students have been silenced within the halls of justice. Note that these lawsuits were filed by those students who could afford an attorney. The majority of students who have been victims of Ross University’s abuses are unable to seek justice because they cannot afford to do so.PASER online. PASER only covers a few courts . There are other lawsuits that are not accessible online. Recent Lawsuit Filed by Students Against Ross University and Devry Inc: Philp vs. Ross University Blair Vs. Ross University Greene Vs. Ross University Archut Vs. Ross University Goddard Vs. Ross University Scott Vs. Ross University Dasrath Vs. Ross University Weitzman Vs. Ross University; HortonVs. Ross University; Other cases that we couldn’t access online; When you file a complaint with Ross When you file a complaint with Ross University, Ross does not usually respond. If, however, the complaint could be damaging to the school, then Ross may contact you through the Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman works for Ross. It is his job to protect the university from complaint and/or allegations. The Ombudsman will first recommend that you sign a non-disparagement agreement mediated through Ross’ attorney, William Gyves, so you can continue your education. Their attorney always chooses the New Jersey court as the venue for any problems that may arise from the agreement. The New Jersey court has provided 100% favorable judgments for Ross in the past with no wins for the students. This is called forum shopping: choosing New Jersey as a venue to provide Ross University with a favorable judgment. If you do sign the agreement, you are giving up your right to file a complaint. Then they make your life a living hell. For example, they will delay scheduling your rotations, or they may contact your clinical supervisors to disparage you, or they will place you into a low-end affiliated hospital where you’ll not receive any clinical experience, essentially undermining your chances for success. Even if you decide to transfer to another Caribbean medical school, Ross will contact your new school to increase your chances of dismissal. If you don’t sign the agreement, they will find a way to kick you out of the program. If you file a lawsuit against them, they have deep pockets, a legal team fighting for them, and the patience to drag out your case until you have become financially, emotionally, and psychologically exhausted. Students have lost most lawsuits against Ross/DeVry because the judges often side with the major corporations. Ross University – High Enrollment & Failure Rate Prospective medical students who will be taking on huge loans to finance their medical education at Ross University need to ask themselves two questions: 1) What is the average fail rate of students for semesters 1 to 4 since 2008, and 2) What is the average enrollment rate for students since 2008? High Enrollment Rate No one knows the exact enrollment numbers except Ross University, which refuses to disclose any information. According to Ross University “Ross University enrolls approximately 350 students in each incoming class. Lecture halls are designed to hold approximately 350-400 students”. However, based on personal experience and personal statements from students, it is believed that since 2009 the average enrollment each semester at Ross University is greater than 600 students. But again, no one knows the exact numbers except Ross. Furthermore, the enrollment numbers will vary since one needs to determine if the numbers reflect only new students for that semester or if they include some of the many who are repeating that semester all over again. The lecture halls Ross University can hold a maximum of 300 students, the Anatomy Lab holds 50 to 60 students, and the library holds between 75 – 100 students. However, with an average enrollment of greater than 600 students each semester, this leads to overcrowding. Trailers have to be brought in to handle some of the overflow, but most of the time the students stay home and watch the video lecture. In the United States a student must attend class no less than 60% of the time. But in Dominica, where there is no oversight, the students are forced to Mediasite due to overcrowding, which is online delivery of the videotaped lectures by Ross University, using Devry’s Inc. technology. .

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