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Published: 01 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Before I begin, I have to say that I have tried to give Mr. Myers several opportunities to fix this situation. Unfortunately he has chosen to take a very unprofessional approach and completely ignore me. I have also found out that my experience with Mr. Myers and Sacred Heart Tattoo is not unique and that he has many very unhappy customers, hopefully by writing this, I will help prevent someone else going through what I did. Last week was my third visit, to complete a “”full sleeve”” on my arm. The first visit, about 10 months ago was great. I wouldn’t say that Mr. Myers is a natural artist, he has not drawn me anything original, just copies pictures found on the computer even though I pretty much gave him free reign to do something creative. However, the first time he did take his time, the tattoo came out beautifully for the most part and he kept going until I had to leave. The second visit which was about 6 months ago was a little different. I paid him $300, as I did the first time, plus $40 extra because I had to reschedule the appt at the last minute and felt bad. I actually gave him a portion of the money several days before the appt because he really needed the money. He hardly got anything finished in this visit, and quit about an hour and a half earlier than agreed upon. So I paid $340 for no more than 2 hours of work. I probably should have learned my lesson and given him the money AFTER the next time…..hindsight is 20/20! So on to my last visit. After changing the appt time at the last minute, Mr. Myers and I agreed that he would DEFINITELY finish the tattoo during this visit. I tried to be very exact about what I wanted, but either because of laziness or perhaps inability, Mr. Myers pretty much refused to do the tattoo the way I wanted. I wanted the tattoo to be solid but he wouldn’t tattoo my elbow because he said “”it’s to difficult and he’d have to go over it many times””. I don’t think tattooing and elbow is all that difficult, I see people with them all the time. He left blank spots in the tattoo, which I said MANY times during the session, I did not want them blank. About 2 and a half hours into the session he announced that my skin had “”stopped taking the ink”” and he would have to stop. He was basically packed up and out the door before I even got my jacket on…Apparently he was on his way to a tattoo convention in Chicago that wkd. Besides not keeping his word and quitting early, by using an excuse that I’ve never heard of…or ANY tattoo artists that I have spoken to about it…he basically phoned in this session. He had no plan of what he was doing and I feel like he was coloring my arm like a kid’s coloring book…did not plan out the adjacent colors…refused to tattoo my elbow, inside of my arm and different spots in the tattoo he just left blank even though I asked him many times to fill them in. You’d think telling a tattoo artist to “” come up with something cool and creative”” would be what they live for…what kind of artist wants to trace someone else’s art and color it in when they have the freedom and opportunity to do something original and creative? The answer is someone who is not an artist and someone who is lazy as hell. Then to top off that let down, I had a 103 fever for 2 days following the tattoo. I cannot say for sure that the tattoo was definitely the cause, but I can say that during the fever the tattoo was extremely hot to the touch and more painful than I’ve ever experienced. Then it was brought to my attention that some of the hygiene standards at the shop were very lax and he has been written up by the Health Department on numerous occasions for various violations. This disturbed me greatly because all it takes is a little laziness and someone can end up having serious and perhaps fatal health problems. A few days ago his electricity was cut off, so no hot water…none of his machines or equipment were bagged at any point I was in there, etc…. A bright spot to this situation….He HAD an “”apprentice”” named Patrick McVeil who I met during my last visit. Hearing about my dire situation, Mr. Myers will not refund the portion of what I paid him for what he did not finish, and the fact that I’m obviously NOT going back there…Pat has offered to finish my tattoo and fix the areas the Mr. Myers did basically a crappy job on….and he has offered to do all of this for FREE!!! He is opening his own shop in Derby named Inkspressions, he is a great artist, enthusiastic about his work, and obviously customer oriented. I only wish I had met him 9 months ago!!! .

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