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Published: 24 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I met Acharya Lokeshanad around 2012, for a reiki attunement. I was in my second year college and to be very honest I was not very impressed by them when I visited them first. Their values seemed a little corrupted though I did not judge them too much because I did not care. Later around 2013, I needed to connect with someone so I contacted them early January that year. He convinced me that I should think of taking his line of attunemnets Sai mahavidya sadhana to gain more confidence as it would help ahead in my spiritual path. I willingly agreed since I was going through a rough patch and needed someone to share my expereinces with and guide me. I never really thought of him as my guru, but rather an elderly person who can guide me through his expereinces. I was already a Kriya yoga practioner then. they seemed nice for the first week or two and after that their behaviour changed. I never really thought he was my guru, though from the very beginning he was kind of threatening and persuading’ me to touch his feet and his wife was like He connects you to God ! I had diisagreement with that. He told me things like if you ever see shirdi sai baba you will see my face and if you ever see my face you see shirdi sai baba’s face. that put me off. I cannot belive that a common man would claim to be bigger than he actually was ! He constantly told me how these big people would come to himand apprecaite him, it was like self flattery ! He also told me I should have as much sex i wanted to have , and do anything I wanted to do ! There was some kind of verbal and emotional abuse involved here, he discouraged me from persuing my studies. While I was visiting them my parents were already informed, though they were not always around me because I was in delhi for study. I informed my father about them and I informed my mother too. My parents did not know much, but I noticed they began saying bad things about my family. His wife began attcaking my father calling me names and both of them were attcaking my parents in very derogatory way ! Who is he and who is his wife to say anything about my family, they should take a proper good look at their lives wherever they live. My parents are very educated good and sweet people, they are humble and simple people not crazy outcasts like them ! They wear this big bindis on their forheads and undredsof bangles and hide behing their husbands, and they are calling my parents all these bad things, I do not come from a bad place and lowly place like them, not just materially but internally and spiritually too ! after a month, my body felt so exhausted and drained and I felt shocks ever haing to think about them, I like a small adventure girl visited them again to apologize or make things right but it got worse ! They tried getting me hooked up to a guy living near him ! I was in such a state of shock, i could not believe that someone my father’s age or almost like a guardian or a parent could be so cruel ,and twisted ! I do not really remember alot of things now, but it was severe abuse is all I can say ! I took my father there the last time I saw him, and because my father called him a doctor, he was like ” I am not a doctor…. now I am acharya ! ” Stupid people who walk around with these silly labels all over them and attcak young innocent girls. If you are so powerful why do you hide in a slum area like Nilouthi gaon ? because you are guilty like a criminal ! there is so much terror and disgust around these people, it feels very dirty ! After that i never visted them but this achrya guy kept writing me emails, about how he missed seeing my smile, I feel he wanted money from me. they already have my money with them already, they took around 40,000 from me and they took one for bandhan mukti kriya or something and nothing was done with that, they just kept it and they still have my money. I avoided those emails, thought I felt very scared. Later I saw that on his pages he had groomed the rest of is disciples in the same way. I told one of his followers how I did not agree with them and he told me ” Do not stop the sadhana as it will backfire at you , you must follow his teachings ” I remembered he did the same thing to me threat me that if I do not follow him, something abd would happen to me. they attacked my persoanlity my family, my education even people I was with. He complained against other people wo visited him. He had a very bad vibe around him ! Later after many months, I was abroad and I received an email from them, I frankly told them why i did not wnat any emails from them and that they were chetaing people for their own sakes ! His wife began attcaking me saying that it feels like you have gone mad and that your father was the one who did this . she always loved to attcak my father, i have seen my father all my life. He does not sell coconuts in the name of bandhan mukti kriya and claim to be gods of the universe ! I got angry so we had some exchanged over emails. they called my parents and threatened they will go to the embassy and report against me so i stop studying ( ofcourse they are envious people who have no education or life of their own ) so they attcak young happy people that way ! they even began asking my parens for money and threatened to go to the police , I never wrote to them again, but I was in a constant state of fear, because something was very twisted and wrong about these people ! These people they brainwash people through magic or whatever …. and people who are in trouble seek them and thta is what they takle advanatge of to massage their own egos. I have never been so ashamed and embarassed in my who life as I am now to be ever associated with these people ! There are many things that I am refraining from writing right now, but if you are a sincere seeker please do not visit this man, He is dangerous and very criminal ! i am also writing this to inform other young boys and girls to be careful of in future, ether with this man or any other. they are very silly and bad people ! If you want a good life and a good future please dont visit them, they will exhaust all your resources and give you nothing in return ! they will tell you false thinsg about you and others and give a false impression about themselves, because they are like con artists, that is what they do and they have a whole vibe created around it to cheat people. follow a more simpler and linient path and face life’s challenges rather than falling trap for all this kind of nonsense ! this is the problem with our country, hypocrites like them take on these labels and cheat people in the name of tradition ! May you find a path that is most suited to you ! .

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