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Published: 14 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been dealing with this company for almost a year working on various signs. There have been many delays in part due to emergencies in our lives and in part due to their saying they would do something and not meeting a deadline. We have had at minimum 65 emails and at least 10 drafts and redrafts. Part of the redrafts have been because they didn’t follow instructions outlined in the samples sent (ie missing words, not using bullets even though asked numerous times, etc.). We are finally at the point to finalize the order and they refuse to complete the order. They originally said it was because one sign has specific font size requirements and the rest must be readable. I would think being readable would be a standard for any sign but perhaps not for this company. They said that because these signs are in accordance with local bylaws they refuse to complete the order and I need to have them done locally. There is absolutely no reason why a company that purports to be in the business of graphic signs could not complete this order. If completing standard signs is too difficult for them then I don’t know how they can call themselves a sign company. I just wasted a lot of time and stress dealing with them for almost a year. I will not be buying locally because this job does not require it. As long as the one sign meets the size requirements and the rest are readable any reputable sign company could handle the sign. Some are standard speed signs or dog on duty or dog on leash type signs. The rest relate to signs around a pool. They have seen the wording and size requirements (certain lines have to be a specific font size) since the very first request. As long as they fill the order in accordance with the request which is easy enough then the rest is not their responsibility. Local bylaws have no impact on them and there is no reason not to complete the order beyond incompetence. I was later told that the reason for refusing to complete my order was not because of the size, but was because I had asked them to honour their quote to me. They asserted the quote had a 90 day time limit, but at no time was this ever told to me (nor was it on their email containing the quote) despite the fact that on every draft sent to them at the top I had listed the quote prices as well as in the body of the document. They had ample opportunity at any point to tell me the prices had changed. In addition, they say their prices have gone up since last summer when we started the order, but nobody told me how much they had gone up and no attempt was made to reach a compromise. Also, I contacted them in mid January (after having been out of contact for a few months) and we had numerous emails back and forth regarding drafts over the next few months and no mention was ever made of increased pricing until end of April. For a company that purports to put customer care first, this is beyond unprofessional. To refuse to complete the order at the last minute especially knowing the time restrictions is extremely disruptive. I was told that dealing with my trying to resolve the issue and complete the order was a waste of their time and that they had an issue with the fact that there were numerous corrections to the proofs. It is my opinion that given my experiences, they have zero customer service values and I would highly recommend that anybody looking for a company that cares about their clients look elsewhere. The statements in this message are all based on my experiences and my opinions as a result of my experiences and what was told to me by representatives of this company. I have email verification to support each of these claims. I reached out to the President of the company through email, but did not receive a response from him (unless he was the person I was dealing with but did not acknowledge the fact, but I have no way of knowing this). Yesterday I was able to access their Facebook page, but since I told them that I would make public how they have treated me I can no longer access their Facebook page. I guess they don’t want people to know how they treated me. .

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