Sam Wilson/John Smith/Acting as rep. from Cash Advance USA

Sam Wilson/John Smith/Acting as rep. from Cash Advance USA Review

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Published: 09 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I received a call on Friday (begin.’g of Oct. 2014) from a man with an Indian accent. He said I had been approved for a loan for $1000. I was surprised b/c I had been looking for one, but was denied multiple times. At the time of the call, I was distracted and in a hurry but I needed a loan so I listened to him & was following his requirements. He said I needed to buy a moneypak greendot card and load $110.00 on it so he could verify I had atleast that much money to make my first months payment of that same amount. I was going to a 7/11 anyways so I said o.k. A little bit of luck & maybe fate kicked in b/c I didn’t end up buying the card there. I already had a greendot gold card (long story). So I loaded the $110. cash on that. Meanwhile, he was on hold the WHOLE time this was happening (15-20 mins), and he was rushing me the whole time saying I needed to get it done within 15 mins. b/c he needed to leave the office. I was irritated by this, but again, was in a rush for a number of other unrelated reasons. Long story short, the gold card was the WRONG card apparently, b/c he started YELLING at me, “MA’AM, MA’AM, I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! THE MONEY PAK! MONEY PAK! SEE? YOU GOT THE WRONG CARD! I TOLD YOU!” At this point, I was DONE. I yelled at him, “excuse me, SIR, why are you yelling at me? Is this not a professional business? Why on earth do you have any reason to be yelling at ME?” He apologized and wanted me to go back and get the right card, ya-da ya-da ya-da. I didn’t b/c I was already 30 mins late for other commitments. I told him I would handle this on monday. Fast forward to monday and lots of thought put into this occurance, I realize this is a total scam! Not only does he want me to give him the Moneypak card number, he won’t send me any email or loan terms until he receives the number. ( specifically says don’t give this number to anyone). I tell him what I read on moneypak’s website, and he just talks over me- interupts me- is rude & irritated by my totally legit questions like, why won’t you send me any loan terms before? what is your license ? ..etc… He sends me an email that a 3rd grader could have typed up with information that could have been copied & paste onto this “loan terms” form. I could be wrong, but all things lead to SCAM! The CA Dept. of Business Oversight has a list of companies which I’m pretty sure includes this scam…. and the ACTUAL website specifically says that if you don’t get a call from their specific , it’s a scam. As well as other websites I’ve gathered info from that pretty much guarantee this whole thing is a scam. I’m sharing this because even though I didn’t get scammed- I ALMOST did, and I would have had I not stopped & “slept on it”. If 1 and 1 aren’t making 2, DON”T DO IT! It’s not worth it. $110. seems pretty insignificant & a smaller price to pay than some of these ppl. who are scammed for hundreds & thousands of dollars, but right now, every cent counts – hence why I need a loan! It’s so sad & pathetic- these ppl. out there scamming ppl when they’re in need & even if they’re not. SHAME ON YOU IF YOU’RE READING THIS!!! YOU’RE SCUM & SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! I HOPE YOUR FAMILY FEELS THE SHAME AND I HOPE YOU ARE CURSED WITH A LIFETIME OF BAD LUCK!

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