Criminalization of Santo Daime, Involvement in Intimidating Justice Witnesses, Peodophile Jokes, Threats to Murder

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Published: 15 February 2021

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Ben Meeus of SANTO DAIME BELGIUM legal advisor to the European Santo Daime Churches stopped laughing when his reputation was trashed beyond repair and had no legal recourse reducing his credibility to zero and condeming his organization with rounds of legal defeats and fiat judgments.  Ben Meeus of Santo Daime België: Céu da União SANTO DAIME BELGIUM stopped laughing when he realized justice witnesses threatened with violence and murder by criminal organizations enjoy immunity to lawsuit and he stopped laughing when it turned out that representatives of CEFLU Cristi – Ceu Da Santa Maria SANTO DAIME CHURCH consented to the adverse online publications.

The Santo Daime Church proclaimed witnesses to the Courts would be violently beaten up and have their legs smashed and the leaders encouraged others to join in and post threats whilst hiding people from the police under different names and threatening them to shut up or else.

Ben Meeus in a blog in 2019 complained that the Belgium Ministry radio-silenced him and then unfairly treated his organization and criminalized them as drug traffickers through fiat judgments. The legal record shows that Ben Meeus as the legal advisor and the Santo Daime Church Belgium from 2016-2019 were communicated with on 30 or more occasions regarding intimidation and threats involving members of Santo Daime Belgium including Miguel Humblet and Michel de Kok (arrested by Policia Judiciaria, Portugal) and two women named Nancy Swinnen and Veerle Pharla (both Belgium) involved in data violations, spreading lies and inciting threats also.

The response was to radio-silence people threatened with serious violence and others were told to ignore the witnesses because they were simply mentally sick and making up lies.

The Santo Daime Church proclaimed witnesses to the Courts would be violently beaten up and have their legs smashed and the leaders encouraged others to join in and post threats whilst hiding people from the police under different names and threatening them to shut up or else.

That or else meant broken legs, hospital visits, violence and murder and the threats were ordered by Adrian Freedman SANTO DAIME ENGLAND with a legal conviction for importing ayahuasca and known to ANTI TERROR POLICE FOR SMUGGLING CLASS A DRUGS. When he was told to stop it he then fabricated lies and started a campaign of persecuting witnesses with malice, until UK police made him in no uncertain terms to stop it.

In the words of Rachel of Source TV karma prevailed and condemned the Santo Daime with criminal prohibition and she was caught out fabricating lies along with others.

Ben Meeus only reluctantly intervened to stop a 3 year campaign of vicious witness harassment from the organization when he realized the gravity of the situation and when his own credibility was brought into serious disrepute The authorities in Belgium also criminalized the Santo Daime Church and denied them right of appeal, several Belgium nationals were arrested and others placed under police investigation.

The Santo Daime Church learnt a tough lesson when an ugly plot to criminalize an author went bad with a capital B and the plot backfired on themselves. The plot involved attempting to put an innocent man in prison and depriving him of the proceeds of his work to build an empire of ayahuasca retreat centres and then attempting to frame him for peodophilia and child rape to cover up such abuses in the Santo Daime Churches in Brazil.  It involved several members of CEFLU Cristi – Ceu Da Santa Maria, Santo Daime Belgium and Church leader Adrian Freedman and they manifested a karma curse of criminalization of Santo Daime in the Netherlands and in 9 other countries as divine retribution from God for the plot.

Those involved in trying to imprison innocent people ended up sentenced to prison on trafficking charges and had to take back their intentions and the Church ended up riddled with nasty legal problems including legal defeats in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, the UK and Portugal.

Adrian Freedman of Adrian Freedman Music and Ben Meeus Master of Laws learned that threatening to smear people online is not smart, nor is assisting offenders jumping bail to be vile, nasty and malicious. No-one involved in smuggling banned substances into the UK and across borders wants to be threatening people with violence, or with being smeared online.

Ben Meeus was warned to expect defeat in Strasborg in the Human Rights Court and he had to take off vile defamation posted about justice witnesses designed to ruin their work with malice and it was done with the complicity of church leader Adrian Freedman who was finished off for his role in the behaviour.

The 300+ police reports filed with various Courts, police forces and Public Ministries were the result of a botched Santo Daime Church attempt to save their practice from criminalization by mocking a witness to Court as mentally sick whilst posting threats of violence and hundreds of people operating under the leadership of Adrian Freedman were complicit in malice and were caught posting malicious lies.

The Santo Daime Church was involved in intimidating witnesses to various Court Proceedings with violence, murder, hospital visits and other nasties. Adrian Freedman also has a police record for substance trafficking, repeat offending and sticking his fingers up at the law, and associating with people that can be nasty to those assisting police in their inquiries into drug dealing.

In claims for criminal harassment, witness defamation and malice levelled against the Santo Daime Church, Adrian Freedman of SANTO DAIME BELGIUM and ENGLAND had to take off from the internet death threats, peodophile jokes and libel and 400 counts of witness intimidation (including threats to break legs, to hospitalize, to kill, maim and murder) done with malice and must pay £ 165,000 in legal claims.

Freedman was ordered to pay (£165, 000) in legal claims in relation to criminal harassment from the organization known as The Santo Daime Church and Ben Meeus, board member of CEFLU Cristi – Ceu Da Santa Maria who admitted joining a criminal organization of drug traffickers was told to expect defeat in the European Court of Human Rights. A court also ordered a preliminary injunction against the Santo Daime church and in 10 countries the courts banned his sacrament.

He had to delete comments that a justice witness to trafficking in ayahuasca and other substances was mentally ill and would to be murdered before the police could intervene, and the church had to withdraw allegations that the justice witness was an arsonist, a scumbag, a deranged spastic, a wife beater, a conman, a rapist of young boys, a criminal, a homosexual peodophile and an arsonist and the church lost the rights to import ayahuasca in 10 countries after the Courts dismissed Article 9 complaints in favour of public safety.

Ben Meeus SANTO DAIME BELGIUM and Adrian Freedman were served with cease and desist paperwork and GDPR Article 21 notices and had to stop complicity in intimidating witnesses. Several members of the organization were found colluding with death threaters and other members were served prison time for trafficking in substances after they were found jumping bail and threatening witnesses to the Courts.

Ben Meeus is legal advisor to the European Santo Daime Churches and lost in eight countries in the courts after various Courts struck out legal defences based on victim stories and claims of bona-fide religious rights. In every instance the Courts struck out the defences presented and condemned Ben Meeus’s organization as an organization involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs punishable by criminal law.

Ben Meeus joined an organization involved in international drug smuggling and gave legal advice to an organization and its individuals involved in witness tampering, obstructing justice, intimidating witnesses, international substance trafficking of hard drugs under the Dutch Opium Law, lying to Public Ministries and harassing witnesses with threats of murder and violence.

In the run up to a hearing in the European Court of Human Rights unnamed members of Ben Meeus’s organization named Ceflu Cristi–Céu da Santa Maria wrote to various witnesses and bad mouthed them, slagging them off, insulting them, posting threats of violence and murder, implying they were sick retards and liars whilst copying the European Court of Human Rights in some of the emails.

Adrian Freedman and Ben Meeus was warned to expect Santo Daime criminalization in each and every one of the 26 EU Schengen Zone countries along with a permanent bar denying them entry to Europe.

Ben Meeus was also discredited for his role in the story and was ‘advised’ to go back to law school and start again. After drinking ayahuasca in the rainforest he then thought he had downloaded the blueprint for the freedom of ayahuasca in the church of Santo Daime. He then became legal advisor to the European Santo Daime Churches.

Based on his legal advice, Santo Daime Church was CONDEMNED MANY TIMES as a criminal organization of drug traffickers and were STRIPPED OF RELIGIOUS LIBERTY and when Ben Meeus cried poorly me he was told to start growing up and face the truth of his poor me persecution stories.

Adrian Freedman was also involved in assisting the offenders named in the reports and the Ayahuasca Defence Fund stated they will help unethical individuals to save the wider cause. Then they had to take back claims they were lawyers after pretending to be lawyers, then they updated the policy to state helping unethical ayahuasca facilitators results in bad legal outcomes, then behind the scenes they assisted Adrian Freedman to assist some drug dealers jumping police bail to not testify in the court (or else). Or else meant violence, murder and being smeared as a peodophile, smeared as mentally sick or subjected to unauthorized private investigations designed to frame people falsely for peodophilia and arson. The ADF had to retract their position and conclude witnesses obliged to testify had to testify and thus did no legal wrong.

Adrian Freedman was the criminal mastermind behind the 2010 Customs and Excise operation in the United Kingdom that impounded quantities of Class A drugs and involved the Serious Crimes and Anti-Terrorist Group based in London.

The charge was Fraudulently Evading Prohibition on a Banned Substance and in 2017 the UK High Court denied Santo Daime legitimacy to import Class A drugs into the UK on airplanes and in the mail.

Santo Daime Church named Ceu de Santa Maria, Amsterdam, under the direction of Ben Meeus as a legal advisor were behind a series of vicious allegations that accused witnesses in police investigations of raping little boys, an action that cost them their mission to secure legitimacy for Santo Daime.

Ceu de Santa Maria, Amsterdam admitted the congregration is filled with thieves, rapists and murderers, using their own email address.

Irene Hadjidakis was ordered to stop inciting witness intimidation or face arrest, a police investigation and additional court hearings for witness tampering conducted internationally. Ceu de Santa Maria, Amsterdam stopped laughing when 11 countries criminalized the work of the Santo Daime and they were condemned internationally as an organization involved in international drug smuggling, importing banned substances through airports and threatening witnesses with violence and murder to shut up.

In 2018 and 2019 the authorities decided enough was enough, the authorities and the Courts throughout Europe denied Adrian Freedman and his Churches the freedom for Santo Daime. Those bans came from the Danish Supreme Court, the Dutch Court of Appeal, the UK High Court, several Courts in Belgium, a Court in Ireland as well as several Public Ministries.

The moral of the story and the takeway lesson for the Santo Daime Church is before a group involved in big time drug trafficking starts accusing others of being criminals is to first get rid of the weed otherwise it makes the group look like something from Dumb and Dumber when the police smash the door down and find big black sacks of weed. It would be fair comment and the truth to say Adrian Freedman and Ben Meeus stopped laughing when the one threatened with murder and who was told everyone in the Santo Daime would laugh at him forever and would defame him as a peodophile had the last laugh when the conspirators in the ill-conceived plot (that was thought up on ayahuasca and weed) never got rid of the sacks of weed.

Involvement in Threatening Witnesses, Criminalization of Ayahuasca, Defaming Witnesses as Homosexual Pedophiles

Ben Meeus Belgium as a member of a criminal international organization of drug traffickers was disgraced by the behaviour, was stripped of his religious liberties by the authorities and was condemned internationally and many times for his involvement.

The matter became so bad that Santo Daime was outlawed internationally and the organization were condemned many times as criminals and hard drug traffickers threatening peoople with violence and murder. On Feb 7th 2021 despite being told to CEASE AND DESIST days earlier a man named Johannes Maasland who had totted up a grand total of 568 acts of intimidating witnesses then started another round of peodophile jokes saying I will never ever stop. Johannes Maasland of CEFLU Cristi – Ceu Da Santa Maria wrote a police family in England were peodophiles and child rapists and then the UK Police took a very grim view of the matter and opened an investigation on Adrian Freedman for involvement in intimidating witnesses.









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