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Published: 06 December 2019

Posted by: Mrs. ParkerG

02.01.18 Around 937am I went to do my groceries first thing you had one cashier and one manager.In her face you could tell she was doing more than she could. Poor young lady looked so stressed. Respectfully she asked a gentleman that was screaming to calm down that she was opening another register to take care of us in line. To just be a little bit patience and it only took I will say 8 minutes and the lines when down. It”s all about customer service, communication, how you handle whatever inconvenience life present you and how you manage it, don”t show anger or any type of emotion just listen sometimes people need to vent and they take it with the first person they see in their way. I felt so bad for her but she put a smile on her face and took care of us and I have to say we all stayed in her line. She was very proactive I should say. You see her here and there running up and down. Assisting the cashier with effectiveness and urgency I even saw her getting carts, I stopped when I was leaving the store and asked her do you enjoy your job and she said I do it is not bad it”s just first day of the month and it gets busy, the hardest is to be able to satisfied customers with their requests, but it has all been taken care off and now it”s all good Ma”m she smiled at me and wish me a good day. Later same day I go to see if the pack of water that was on sale for 1.99 were received to purchase 10 has we usually do. And she still at that time it was almost 230pm with her smile, cheeks red and was able to recognize me and said see you love us, and I reply I love your attitude. And blessed her for the way she cares for us customers. And if my age don”t failed me her name was Tainia or something like that. Store in Bridgeport only needs more employees like her. Always be a people person, because it”s all about customer service and quality. I travel from New Rochelle to Bridgeport every week just because of employees like that, and elderly lady like me sometimes missed stuff, and she not even tells you were they are she takes you there and then ask anything else Ma”m Also there is a nice cashier named Lenny who also is great, always able to make people smile and have a great personality, he is very charismatic something very that makes him unique. Like the you Hispanic lady Taimia. I asked her are you manager she responded maybe in a future for now I”m responsible for the store while my boss gets here. Have to make sure everything is good for customers and him and smiled. I was telling her she has the attitude and that leadership to be whom ever she wants to be in life and to my surprise she works at the store, she manage to do nails and hair at her house and do online college to accomplish her dreams and with that her little boy expectations. And that made me think is it OK if I tip her, so I offered a $20 dollar bill for her service and she denied taking them she said Ma”m I get paid by the company and it never bothers me do my job and extra if its required. Those two young kids had values but most importantly they have that natural instinct to deal with people with no effort needed. Employees like that are the ones that should be kept. Not like that young man named Conrod he never smiles always serious and unorganized. He throw your groceries that always messed up my bread, fruits and soft groceries like the cones for the grandkids, I had to ask for bags because for the first time I wasn”t offered to buy bags. Wish by the way those are great bags, they hold weight and durable, another point you guys needed carts and baskets.And also yesterday I noticed there were more. That is an A+ for your store. Your manager should be more available for customers when I personally asked to have a word with him regarding and issue that should be addressed only by himself since it is his store correct, it was related of an employee that was getting a cart just one while the Hispanic lady took six counted, he waited for her to go in the store and I saw him doing something not too nice. He was smoking that brown cigarette that one that has a very peculiar smell while getting carts. Such a great store and that affects in a negative way your reputation. I asked him son are you allowed to do this type of actions while you getting paid that is called stealing company time did you knew that, you are putting at risk your job and he said whatever, had to tell him young kid you need to have some manners and be loyal to your company. I owned a little Groceries store in Bronx, New York for over 20yrs and I had seen a bit of everything but there are issues that has to be addressed in order to all be successful, things needs to be properly donde since the first time we made them. This is my personal opinion and I”ve been shopping here for the past 3years and it”s all because of the prices, how clean and sanitized store is, and also quality I do have to say sometimes the meat department has a real bad smell wich I know it has to do with the change of the temperature I get that, but more sanitation is needed. Other than that you guys and those employees that I mentioned before are amazing kids. It makes my shopping much more happier and easier. It”s not being lazy it”s the age. I have to blame something correct. Good keep blessing the business and also you all has people.Mrs.Parker

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