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Published: 10 April 2019

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Scott Hart ( 11287 NW 65TH COURT – PARKLAND, FL 33076 ) and his brother Shawn T. Hart ( 8502 NW 47TH STREET – CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33067 ) and or 10668 NW 69 St. – PARKLAND, FL 33076 are Professional SCAM ARTISTS!! STAY CLEAR of them and all of their MANY businesses! Their latest SCAM is PREMIER BIOTECH MARKETING/ISELECT HEALTH SOLUTIONS, INC./CHOICE BENEFIT GROUP, INC. Scott Hart just registered under a NEW name on August 12, 2014…FORECORE MARKETING, Inc. All 4 names are used interchangibly for the SAME scam! “Shawn” also spells his name as “Sean” sometimes…in order to avoid detetection. Case in point…he used “Sean” when incorporating under “Sean Hart, Inc.” If you check the Florida Division Of Corporations website you’ll see that his “addresses” using “Shawn T.” and “Sean” are one in the same. They also run a company called DOC SIGNERS, INC. PREMIER BIOTECH MARKETING is located at 7310 W. McNab Rd. – Suite 202 – Tamarac, FL 33321. (954) 532-5257 or (954) 461-5132. These 4 companies are ALL run by Scott Hart and his brother Sean Hart and are ALL different names for the SAME SCAM. They use different names and bank accounts to HIDE and to CONFUSE those that are seeking them (for payment and other misdeeds). I know this scam FIRST HAND since it was perpetrated on ME! But I’m sure that the Harts weren’t counting on me to blow the lid off of their scam. They, unbeknownst to them, pulled their stunt on the wrong “customer”; since I am a retired Private Investigator. The PREMIER BIOTECH MARKETING/ISELECT HEALTH SOLUTIONS, INC./CHOICE BENEFIT GROUP, INC. scam is as follows. The Harts have contracted with Medical Arts Pharmacy (Coral Springs, FL) and a number of other “compounding” pharmacies throughout Florida. They are usually “independent” and small sized pharmacies. I was phoned by one of their representatives trying to sell me some PAIN CREAM (to help alleviate the pain in my legs and feet due to my diabetes). They told me that EVERYTHING would be paid for by my health insurance and that the prescription would be faxed to my doctor. They said that I would receive the shipment in about 5-7 business days. About two weeks later I get the box delivered to me by UPS…BUT there is a $50 charge due on it! I open the box and there is a small jar in it (with the lid of the jar loose) and a mess of cream ALL on the inside of the box! I immediately called the phone number on the label of the jar, but just got a voicemail (as I did the other 5 plus times that I called). I never got a return call…and probably never will since the phone number is probably just a “bogus” number that makes the customer THINK they are leeaving a message when in reality they are not OR the messages are delted by them without responding to the complaining customer. Fast forward about 6 weeks and I get ANOTHER shipment fro Medical Arts Pharmacy…this time it’s from FedEx. Since there isn’t any charge due, I acceprt the shipment. This time the pain cream is in a bottle with a pump dispenser. I tried the pain cream as the directions directed and I really didn’t find ANY relief from using it! I decided to do some investigating and called my insurance company inquiring what was going on; since I thought I was only going to get ONE shipment of pain cream. I came to find out that these scumbags somehow got an okay from my insurance company AND doctor to send me that second shipment! My insurance company told me that PREMIER BIOTECH MARKETING charged $1600 for EACH shipment! One thousand – six hundred dollars for 32 oz. of medication?!!! WHAT A RIP-OFF!!! On top of that my insurance company nailed me for a HEFTY co-pay for this crap and my premiums are now going to go up! I CAN’T afford it!!! I’m on A FIXED income!!! All this after the telemarketing rep ASSURED me that my insurance company would pay for EVERYTHING!!! I don’t know how PREMIER BIOTECH MARKETING was able to scam my insurance company AND my doctor to approve sending me a second shipment of this garbage…but I won’t let up until I get justice and restitution!!! If you go to Florida Dept. of State – Division of Corporations – Ficticious Names – Inquire by Business Owner ( and enter “Scott Hart” and “Shawn T. Hart” you’ll see that eacah has probably had at least 5-6 or more DIFFERENT “businesses” within the past 10 years. Most all of them relating to telemarketing/marketing/ financial/loans/mortgages, etc. You’ll see that most of the “businesses” are now defunct and have only lasted for a few years or so. This is because the Harts are SCAMMERS and, when they are “found out” they close down an operation and open it up again under a different name and address and bank account to avoid detection and prosecution!It is only a matter of time until the state of Florida catches on to this and prosecutes them!!!I e-mailed the Sate of Florida, Div. of Corporations and Federal Trade Commission a copy of this letter/complaint to let them know what is going on with these 2 scammers! Scott Hart’s NEWEST business name (with no doubt the SAME or SIMILAR scam explained above is “FORECORE MARKETING, INC.” (registered on 8-12-14). His home address is – PARKLAND, FL 33076. His cell is: 954- xxx-xxxx . His wife’s name is “Angela”. He drives a late model black Ford Mustang with tag Bxx-xxx. – PARKLAND, FL 33076. His phone is (954)xxx-xxxx. His wife’s name is “Tammy”. If you too have been scammed by these SCAM ARTISTS as well, feel free to stop by their house to “talk things over”. If you’re going to see Scott Hart, just look for his black Mustang in the driveway to make sure he’s home!

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