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Published: 07 May 2018

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My husband planned a vacation with Keith Hodson to stay in a completely wheelchair accessible home in Scottsdale Arizona. My husband and Keith discussed in detail that Michael is a quadriplegic C5-6 meaning he is paralyzed from mid chest down and uses a power wheelchair for mobility and needs a roll-in shower and ADA compliant access. They discussed that the home, pool and yard access was perfect for his situation. After driving 1800 miles we get to our vacation home tired and excited to see it is NOT wheelchair accessible. No roll-in shower or proper handicap access and capabilities. The door out to the pool does not have an opening large enough for a wheelchair to fit through. The pool was not ready or heated and Keith said, “No one at this time of year has the pool running.” We drove from Minnesota to Arizona to have Keith tell us he just had too much going on, too much on his plate and made a mistake. We liked another property more but Keith insisted this property he owns was much more perfect for us. He was out of town when we arrived so he had a very nice lady who cleans their homes show us the house. She told us she knew that this place would not work for us, that it is not ADA compliant and she expressed this concern to Keith days before we even left from Minnesota. She said she did not know what Keith was thinking knowing in detail all the difficulties involved especially during travel and places to stay for someone who is disabled. She felt horrible for us. She called Keith and then he called us. He apologized profusely and said he would do anything to make this right. Anything to make up for the huge mess he made of our first vacation in over ten years. He asked what we wanted him to do. He kept saying please give me suggestions on how to make this right. We suggested finding us a home that will work for us, one like we thought we already had reserved with him. He said Ok let me make some calls. He called us back in minutes saying he would put us up in a hotel for our vacation. This was his only offer. No private home, pool and yard to spend in the sun with our pups. We seriously needed a place to rest and recoup from travel. He said this is all he could do and that he had many points at this hotel so it wouldn’t cost him any money. The manager at the hotel, Jackson, said Keith’s hotel rate was 141.00 a night that his points would go to. We asked Keith to please help us find a rental home because staying in a hotel is not what he promised us and drove over 1800 miles for. Having our dogs in the hotels we stayed in on the way to Arizona was difficult and we could not leave them in the room alone. We could not stay in a hotel for our 11 days of vacation! The additional funds we have had to spend are way over our budget and ability to afford. Our credit card already had way over the amount on it then we were to pay Keith for our vacation home rental. He said no and would not help us. And then would not talk to us any further. He said the hotel or nothing. Keith Hodson knew that his place would not work for us and didn’t care enough to tell us before we left our home in Minnesota. The equipment needed to care for my husband is extensive and driving and staying in hotels is very hard work for me. I didn’t care knowing we would have a perfect place to stay when we got there. 11 days of sun, swimming and playing with our puppies. We cannot believe anyone would do something like this let alone to people in a very difficult living situation already. When I told my husband waiting in our van he was devastated, crying, and worried for me and in complete shock not knowing what to do. I called and called rental places until a lady said she just had a cancellation in a place that we could have if we took it right away. This was two days after we arrived in Arizona. We could start our stay the next day, three days after arriving in Scottsdale. We cannot afford this place but we didn’t have any other suitable options. We would like Keith to contact us to pay for our stay in this vacation house after deducting what we contracted to pay for property number 558983 through the Home Away website, VRBO. We were so unhappy and lost not knowing what to do. For Keith not to take the time to find us a suitable vacation home is beyond unprofessional let alone inhumane. He left us in an unfamiliar area to find our own way. My husband thought using Home Away to book our vacation rental would be safe and secure. It was not. I cannot express how hard this was- it is something that needs to be experienced to understand the hardship of such a situation. This financial hardship will burden us for years.

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