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There is no teamwork at Searcy Family Dental.

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Published: 27 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I don’t know anyone in the area and found Searcy Family Dental. I had a sore tooth. The sore tooth needed a seal at Searcy Family Dental. They told me they can help fix my toothache with a seal.

The moment I entered the dentist room I felt uncomfortable. This is from the people around the dental care room.

I did not feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable for my treatment.

At Searcy Family Dental they won’t help you with any information from dental procedure to dental care and oral care.

The dental clinic is not a professional practice in Searcy Family Dental. I expected better dental treatment instead I got treatment from a bunch of unskilled employees.

The dentist is not helpful and knowledgeable of most procedures, at the practice. I don’t see the dentist as efficient. The dental clinic is not clean and spacious.

No dental team worker checked up on me while having my teeth cleaned for the routine check at Searcy Family Dental.

At the dental clinic staff members are not caring toward patients. It is clear to me that patients don’t get the comfort from the dental teamwork as they claim they do.

Patients need to feel confident about their procedures but at Searcy Family Dental it is different.

Staff is less qualified to comfort dental patients. Procedures are not painless more painful for every dental care required.

I am not satisfied with the expensive procedures, dental care treatment, the lack of patient care, and the unpleasant staff at Searcy Family Dental.

The lack of parking space is an issue for dental clinic patients.

No cleaned toilets are available at the dental clinic.

Appointments are not prompt.

I confirmed my appointment but didn’t have my dental care until after an hour. I am disappointed with the routine check that cased my mouth to have a weird dour. This is the worst dentist experience I had, and Searcy Family Dental is not fast in dental care treatments.

Staff are not friendly and are not willing to help with information on dental procedures.

Everything at the Searcy Family Dental, is of low quality, with a lack of skill. I do not recommend a dentist with low skills and profession.

I don’t recommend bad dental treatment and procedures to anyone to experience the same as I have.

Searcy Family Dental is not the best and you will not receive the best service or help as you deserve.

I am disappointed with the poor dental work I received from the dental clinic. I won’t go back there again.

The service is poor and is not a priority for the company.

At Searcy Family Dental they don’t communicate with patients before and after procedures leaving patients feeling uncomfortable and dissatisfied. I regret my visit at the dental clinic and would have to find another dentist.

The hygienist doesn’t wear gloves to assist with patient care. It is unhygienic to not wear gloves and is negative for me.

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