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Please stay away from such rude doctors!

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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Mariano

If I could give the Seckin Endometriosis Centre a zero star review I would. I have invested all my money and wasted all my time with high hopes of getting my abnormal menstrual symptoms fixed but I left the appointment feeling devastated and irritated. I was being diagnosed by some other equipment rather than endoscopy. I surely needed an endometriosis expert. It became very difficult for me to get out of bed due to the acute pain it caused I was not able to walk. So my family and I started searching for the best endoscopy experts and we ended up choosing Seckin Endometriosis Centre. After doing a lot of research I was pretty sure that this was the correct place for my treatment but I was proven wrong. During the appointment, the doctor didn’t even listen to my symptoms properly and always interrupted me through by boasting about himself being a doctor. The endoscopy was done in a very rough manner without any caution. A doctor always does his work with full care and caution but the doctor in Seckin’s was just the opposite, the only thing important to him was his “time”, so I suggested him to appoint me to another surgeon but he gloated about himself saying that he is the best at what he does. I was extremely offended by him and was hurt also but he did not pay any attention to it. Then he shifted me to the MRI room and did the treatment very quickly as if he was running late.

During the endoscopy, I was having severe pain. I jumped off my bed due to the insertion of the endoscopic vaginal wire he moved it around inside me and then threw the instrument away and said this isn’t a serious matter and told me to meet him in his office. Back in his office my family and I were dumbfounded. I came up with a few queries to ask him. I wanted to get some advice from him but he was always busy looking in his watch and ignoring my questions all the time as if it did not bother him. I felt like nobody would help me if the experts were behaving like this and how can such a big healthcare center have such an inexperienced and rude doctor. As soon as I left the department I thought there must be many endoscopy experts who would take my problem seriously and would love to help me with it without even being rude to me like this doctor right here.

Luckily I found a better doctor in some other healthcare center where the doctor was quite sure that my pain was being caused by the endoscopic pipe. He cares about me and my menstrual problems. It took me great courage and strength to write this review as to suggest you, to go to the right place for a better healthcare center rather than wasting your money and time in Seckin Endometriosis Centre. Live a happy life by choosing the right one fit for his job.

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