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Published: 22 June 2019

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On June 24, 2014 I, GLORIA WIEDERHOLD, sole proprietress of ENCHANTED QUILL PUBLISHING made an agreement with CJ Dennis of SENUSOUS PROMOS to create a website for an ebook publishing, small business I intended to launch. I made it clear from the beginning my project was to be a small business venture and ecommerce features would be needed. I also told her I had purchased hosting with Yahoo Small Business which she said she was willing to work with. The agreement was made via email communication and there was no formal contract/agreement in effect. This was red flag number one. I asked CJ what she needed monetarily to begin the project, for example, did she need a portion of the sum upfront and the balance to be paid upon completion. CJ stated she usually gets paid IN FULL upfront. Red flag number two. Nonetheless, I paid her in full via Paypal and she emailed a copy of the invoice that the payment was received. Once the “special price” payment of $150.00 was settled, to include the creation of the website and a logo, I emailed her an outline of suggestions of what I envisioned in the final product. She did not seem to have an issue with anything I asked for or suggested at this time. CJ stated the site should take up to two weeks to complete because it was more detailed that other sites she created. I agreed with the time frame. When it came time to begin on the website, CJ immediately had reservations working with Yahoo Small Business and said it was too “limited”. Red flag number three. At this point to EXEPDITE the process and minimize obstacles I agreed to purchase hosting and a domain with GoDaddy/Wordpress because CJ assured me she was well versed with using this website builder. Here I incurred a financial loss abandoning Yahoo and purchasing GoDaddy. CJ began work on or about July 7th stating she started with the bare bones. She then informed me she would be out of town due to a family emergency and would be back by the weekend. I had not heard anything from CJ so I emailed her on July 12th to touch base and inquire if we were still on for a July 16th launch date as agreed upon. She stated that she could not realistically complete the project by that date. On or about July 17th, CJ began to show me designs for the logo banner and I began to worry as it seemed she had no eye for design. She was having a difficult time coming up with anything that looked minimally acceptable so to cooperate and further expedite the process I created a mock banner to give her an idea of what I envisioned. CJ delivered that I consider to be a very poor product. When I voiced my displeasure she said it was exactly what I asked for, which it wasn’t. I told her NOT publish the website because it was an embarrassment, I furthermore stated that the website was so poorly done it would scare potential customers away and hurt any hope of starting up business. CJ took offense to this and became defensive and irate so I cut off any further communications with her as I knew I would not make any progress. Then she went ahead and published the website against my wishes and explicit instructions not to do so. If this project was beyond CJ‘s promise to deliver, she should have been honest rather than run from one place to another seeking help and trying to pull a fast one. I would have found someone else more capable but she took advantage of the fact I was new to the business and not tech savvy. I am now left with a site that is useless and is sitting idle in cyberspace. I want justice. I want the monies refunded plus damages for emotional distress. People such as CJ who take advantage of others should made accountable and pay the consequences of their incompetence. I have been so traumatized I have not been able to look at the site, feeling helpless and lost. All time stamped emails of our discussions regarding this matter have been archived and can be retrieved for examination. I need this matter to be resolved and justice to be served. .

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