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Published: 17 September 2018

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So, about two years ago, I bought an Audi All Road from Sharpest Rides. It was used with about 60,000 miles on it, not old, and surely not beat up or driven hard. I will make it clear that I did buyit without a warranty on it. However, one of the stipulations of the sale was that Sharpest Rides was going to change the timing belt prior to me picking the vehicle up. When I arrived a week later, (A friend was driving me because I had already sold my only other car) to pick it up, I was shoked to find out that they “”had not had time”” to install the new belt. I had a discussion with Rob (the GM) and with Myron the sales guy I was dealing with, but they just gave me some BS excuses and promised I could bring it in in a few weeks to have it done. Of course I was not happy about being misled, or for the inconvenience of being withut my car for several days. However, the paper work had been signed about a week earlier, so I really had no “”out”” at that time. So I drove the car up to my home in the mountains, and noticed a vibration on the drive up 70 at any speeds over 45MPH. When I got out of my car in my driveway, I immedietly looked at the tires and I was shocked to see that they were almost bald! I am addamate that the tires that were on it, were almost new when I test drove it a week before. I immedietly called Myron and he denied them switching out the tires. However, he did say they would inspect them when I came back a few weeks later to get my timing belt switched out for a new one. I was losing faith in the integrity of Sharpest Rides with every minute that elapsed at this point. So two weeks later I delivered my car with the bald tires and spoke to Myron and Rob and tlked in depth about the tires not being the ones that were on the car when I test drove it and about the vibration I felt as a result of the crappy tires they had replaced the good ones with. Of course they denied any knowledge of the tires being switched and in fact acted like they were offended that I would even imply such a scenario. So I had no evidence, not physical evidence, no pictures of the tires that were on it when I test drove it, or the tread that was on them at that time, so I was on the short end of the stick once again. So I left for my 4 day business trip and came back as planned on Saturday morning from the airport. (with the extra charges for a cab, to and from the dealership, which of course they refused to comp me for) I had been in touch a few times with the service department while on my trip to check on the progress and they promised me the car would be ready by 10 AM on Saturday when I arrived back from the airport. However, when I arrived the car was not ready. I ended up having to take another cab to a restaurant and back and whasted the better part of my Saturday waiting for them to finish the belt. A week later I switched the bald tires out with a newer set of used tires with about 50% tread on them, not much more, and of course the vibration I was feeling went away immedietly! I am addamant that they switched these tires out after I test drove it, and put the newer tires on another one of their cars. Sadly a few weeks later, one of the Air Bags went out on he front left suspension. (Audi Allroads have this “”Air Bag Suspension””) I immedietly called Sharpest Rides and told them what the latest problem was. Of course they had no sympathy even though they new all of the former hassles I had been through previously with this car and with their lack of customer service. The Service manager said that to fix the suspension on that side it would be a cost of $1200.00! He also told me that typically when one of those bags go, all 4 should be replaced at one time, and that would be a cost of $4800.00. So I set up a time to bring the car back down to Sharpest Rides (100 mile trip one way) Rob and Myron and I talked about the history I had with this car, and with their customer service and it was agreed that I shoud probably just trade the Audi back in and get something else. So I ended up purchasing a 2006 VW Toureg from them with about 50,000 miles on it. I was aware that there was some negative equity that was rolled into the Toureg Purchase and so I asked “”Rob””. I looked him right in the eyes and said: “”Before I purchase this car, I need to know that if I want to come back in to Sharpest rides a year or so from now and trade it in on another vehicle that I can do it with minimal cash out of my pocket””. Rob said, “”That won’t be any probelm, we will work with you and you will not need to come out of pcket with much if any cash”” I remember him saying those exact words and then we shook hands, before I signed the paper work on the Toureg purchase. The bottom line is that I have gone back into Sharpest Rides with the motivaiton of buying a Toyota Tacoma from them. Rob and Myron did not seem ashamed at all when they told me I would need to come out of pocket somewhere in the realm of $4000-$5000.00 to make the deal happen. I told “”Rob”” that he promised me I would not have to come out of pocket with “”much money”” and he simply said he had no recollection of that, and that the blue book values can fluctuate and that is why I was looking at $4000-$5000 out of pocket. Sharpest Rides are USED CAR SCAM ARTSTS! That is all they are. They tell you what they need to tell you to get you to sign the paper work on the front end and there is NO Customer Support or Integrity on the Back End. This is a Fact. I have tried .

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